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NGC 4479
SDSS NGC 4479.jpg
SDSS image of NGC 4479.
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Constellation Coma Berenices
Right ascension 12h 30m 18.4s
Declination 13° 34′ 40″
Redshift 0.002922/876 km/s
Distance 59.7 Mly
Group or cluster Virgo Cluster
Type SB0^0(s)
Apparent dimensions (V) 1.38 x 1.10
Apparent magnitude (V) 13.4
Other designations
CGCG 70-134, MCG 2-32-100, PGC 41302, UGC 7646, VCC 1283
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

NGC 4479 is a barred lenticular galaxy located about 60 million light-years away. It is in the Coma Berenices constellation.

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