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Map of Minnesota highlighting Kandiyohi County
Location of Kandiyohi County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 15 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. One property, the Mount Tom Lookout Shelter, was removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 John Bosch Farmstead
John Bosch Farmstead
April 23, 1987
County Road 4
45°02′45″N 94°50′17″W / 45.045833°N 94.838056°W / 45.045833; -94.838056 (John Bosch Farmstead)
Lake Lillian vicinity Farmstead of John Bosch (1898–1978), a founder and leader of the Farmers' Holiday Association, the nation's most radical and successful agricultural protest movement of the Great Depression. Comprises seven contributing properties built 1885–1936.
2 Andreas, Johanna, Anna and Frank E. Broman Farmstead
Andreas, Johanna, Anna and Frank E. Broman Farmstead
February 28, 1991
Off County Road 8 between Swan Lake and Kasota Lake
45°04′35″N 94°54′34″W / 45.076506°N 94.909499°W / 45.076506; -94.909499 (Andreas, Johanna, Anna and Frank E. Broman Farmstead)
Kandiyohi vicinity Unusually intact example of west-central Minnesota's late-19th-century farmsteads, with structures dating to 1885; occupied by three generations of a family representative of the region's Swedish American populace.
3 District No. 55 School
District No. 55 School
April 16, 1987
County Highway 13
45°00′32″N 95°02′41″W / 45.008762°N 95.044594°W / 45.008762; -95.044594 (District No. 55 School)
Willmar vicinity 1907 school significant as one of the key meeting sites where the Farmers' Holiday Association was organized in the early 1930s. Also known as the Svea School.
4 Lars and Guri Endreson House
Lars and Guri Endreson House
July 24, 1986
Off County Highway 5
45°11′02″N 95°06′22″W / 45.183863°N 95.106129°W / 45.183863; -95.106129 (Lars and Guri Endreson House)
Willmar vicinity Circa-1858 log cabin, one of Kandiyohi County's oldest buildings on its original site and a rare vestige of its Euro-American settlement prior to the Dakota War of 1862, in which numerous pioneers were killed (including two Endresons) and most of the rest abandoned the area for several years. Now a museum.
5 Hotel Atwater
Hotel Atwater
June 13, 1986
322 Atlantic Ave.
45°08′14″N 94°46′55″W / 45.137239°N 94.78207°W / 45.137239; -94.78207 (Hotel Atwater)
Atwater Prominent and rare surviving example of west-central Minnesota's railroad-era downtown hotels, built in 1904 to attract commerce.
6 Kasota Lake Site
Kasota Lake Site
August 28, 2012
County Rd. 134; east shore of Kasota Lake
45°04′38″N 94°52′51″W / 45.077315°N 94.880848°W / 45.077315; -94.880848 (Kasota Lake Site)
Kandiyohi vicinity Pre-contact domestic site with well-stratified ceramic artifacts, indicating 2,700 years of use across the Woodland, Plains Village, and Oneota periods.
7 Lakeland Hotel
Lakeland Hotel
February 14, 2012
407 Litchfield Ave. SW, 302 4th St. SW
45°07′17″N 95°02′54″W / 45.121264°N 95.048226°W / 45.121264; -95.048226 (Lakeland Hotel)
Willmar 1927 hotel that provided Willmar's finest accommodations to traveling salesmen and tourists and a popular social venue to locals.
8 A. Larson & Co. Building
A. Larson & Co. Building
March 2, 1989
539 W. Pacific Ave.
45°07′19″N 95°03′03″W / 45.121993°N 95.050905°W / 45.121993; -95.050905 (A. Larson & Co. Building)
Willmar 1876 commercial building expanded circa 1885, noted for its well-preserved Italianate architecture and association with the early development of Willmar as a railroad town.
9 Sibley State Park CCC/Rustic Style Historic District
Sibley State Park CCC/Rustic Style Historic District
January 22, 1992
Off U.S. Route 71 west of New London
45°18′49″N 95°02′13″W / 45.313729°N 95.036995°W / 45.313729; -95.036995 (Sibley State Park CCC/Rustic Style Historic District)
New London vicinity 19 park facilities built 1935–38, significant as highly intact examples of New Deal federal work relief, early state park development, National Park Service rustic design, and successful master planning.
10 John M. Spicer House
John M. Spicer House
August 13, 1986
515 7th St., NW.
45°07′33″N 95°03′17″W / 45.125775°N 95.054683°W / 45.125775; -95.054683 (John M. Spicer House)
Willmar House built circa 1873 for businessman John M. Spicer (1841–1928), the most influential figure in Kandiyohi County's settlement through his rail and townsite developments. Demolished in 2014.
11 John M. Spicer Summer House and Farm
John M. Spicer Summer House and Farm
August 6, 1986
600 S. Lake Ave.
45°14′05″N 94°53′41″W / 45.2348°N 94.894661°W / 45.2348; -94.894661 (John M. Spicer Summer House and Farm)
Spicer vicinity Well-preserved early-20th-century summer home complex in a popular resort area. Also associated with influential land developer John M. Spicer (1841–1928). Now the Spicer Castle Inn & Restaurant.
12 Willmar Auditorium
Willmar Auditorium
August 9, 1991
311 6th St., SW.
45°07′14″N 95°03′01″W / 45.120647°N 95.050374°W / 45.120647; -95.050374 (Willmar Auditorium)
Willmar Municipal auditorium built 1935–38 as a major work relief project. Also noted for its fine Moderne architecture and interior artwork.
13 Willmar Hospital Farm for Inebriates Historic District
Willmar Hospital Farm for Inebriates Historic District
August 13, 1986
Off U.S. Route 71
45°08′32″N 95°01′06″W / 45.142147°N 95.018295°W / 45.142147; -95.018295 (Willmar Hospital Farm for Inebriates Historic District)
Willmar Minnesota's most intact early state hospital complex, with 22 contributing properties built 1912–1933, exemplifying the era's novel cottage-based design and the work of Clarence H. Johnston Sr. Now the MinnWest Technology Campus.
14 Willmar Municipal Airport
Willmar Municipal Airport
January 14, 2013
2321 Airport Dr.
45°06′52″N 95°04′31″W / 45.114314°N 95.075213°W / 45.114314; -95.075213 (Willmar Municipal Airport)
Willmar Airport established in 1934 as a federal work relief project, with a 1941 hangar built by the National Youth Administration. Also associated with prominent longtime manager John L. Rice (serving 1945–1983).
15 Willmar Tribune Building
Willmar Tribune Building
May 15, 2007
311 4th St., SW.
45°07′16″N 95°02′51″W / 45.121023°N 95.0476°W / 45.121023; -95.0476 (Willmar Tribune Building)
Willmar Newspaper office active 1920–1980, associated with the regionally influential Willmar Daily Tribune and its longtime owner-turned-politician Victor E. Lawson (1871–1960), a prominent advocate for populist reforms.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Mount Tom Lookout Shelter
Mount Tom Lookout Shelter
January 22, 1992
June 22, 1993
Off US Highway 71, SE of intersection with MN Highway 9
45°19′34″N 95°01′57″W / 45.326207°N 95.032602°W / 45.326207; -95.032602 (Mount Tom Lookout Shelter)
Lake Andrew Township 1938 stone National Park Service rustic shelter. Reconstruction in 1992 significantly altered the appearance by adding a second story.
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