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Map of Minnesota highlighting Pipestone County
Location of Pipestone County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Pipestone County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Pipestone County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 14 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including a National Monument. A supplementary list includes one additional site that was formerly on the National Register. Many of Pipestone County's listings are constructed of locally quarried Sioux Quartzite.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Bauman Hall
Bauman Hall
March 3, 1980
201 W. Wall St.
43°50′59″N 96°23′56″W / 43.849659°N 96.398839°W / 43.849659; -96.398839 (Bauman Hall)
Jasper 1891 vestige of the abandoned town of North Sioux Falls, Minnesota, relocated c. 1893 as the first in a row of Sioux Quartzite buildings on Jasper's main street.
2 Burlington Cedar Rapids and Northern Depot
Burlington Cedar Rapids and Northern Depot
March 3, 1980
400 N. Hiawatha Ave.
44°00′14″N 96°19′05″W / 44.003874°N 96.317986°W / 44.003874; -96.317986 (Burlington Cedar Rapids and Northern Depot)
Pipestone 1890 railway station symbolizing the importance of railroads in southwestern Minnesota's development.
3 Calumet Hotel
Calumet Hotel
March 16, 1976
104 W. Main St.
44°00′01″N 96°19′04″W / 44.000278°N 96.317778°W / 44.000278; -96.317778 (Calumet Hotel)
Pipestone 1888 hotel listed for its architectural prominence and importance to Pipestone's early commerce. Also a contributing property to the Pipestone Commercial Historic District.
4 Cannomok'e-Pipestone National Monument
Cannomok'e-Pipestone National Monument
October 15, 1966
Off Hiawatha Ave.
44°00′48″N 96°19′30″W / 44.013333°N 96.325°W / 44.013333; -96.325 (Cannomok'e-Pipestone National Monument)
Pipestone vicinity Primary source of pipestone quarried by Plains Indians from prehistory to present for ceremonial pipes and other sacred or artistic items. Now a National Park unit.
5 Gerber Hospital and Garage
Gerber Hospital and Garage
March 3, 1980
120 E. Wall St.
43°51′00″N 96°23′45″W / 43.850071°N 96.395963°W / 43.850071; -96.395963 (Gerber Hospital and Garage)
Jasper Hospital clinic built c. 1913, noted for its unusual use of Sioux Quartzite on a Stick style design.
6 Ihlen Mercantile Company
Ihlen Mercantile Company
March 3, 1980
Holman St. and Sherman Ave.
43°54′30″N 96°22′07″W / 43.908413°N 96.368562°W / 43.908413; -96.368562 (Ihlen Mercantile Company)
Ihlen 1892 home of Ihlen's first business, also noted as southwestern Minnesota's most intact frame commercial building.
7 Pipestone Commercial Historic District
Pipestone Commercial Historic District
May 2, 1977
Along Main St. between 2nd Ave. NW./SW. and 2nd Ave. NE./SE.
44°00′02″N 96°19′03″W / 44.000502°N 96.317621°W / 44.000502; -96.317621 (Pipestone Commercial Historic District)
Pipestone Two-block district featuring Minnesota's greatest concentration of Sioux Quartzite buildings, with 22 contributing properties mostly dating to the 1890s.
8 Pipestone County Courthouse
Pipestone County Courthouse
March 3, 1980
416 S. Hiawatha
43°59′51″N 96°19′06″W / 43.997384°N 96.31834°W / 43.997384; -96.31834 (Pipestone County Courthouse)
Pipestone 1900 courthouse, significant as the county's seat of government and most elaborate architecture and use of Sioux Quartzite.
9 Pipestone Indian School Superintendent's House
Pipestone Indian School Superintendent's House
April 5, 1993
Off N. Hiawatha Ave.
44°01′15″N 96°19′11″W / 44.020745°N 96.319832°W / 44.020745; -96.319832 (Pipestone Indian School Superintendent's House)
Pipestone 1907 staff housing, a rare vestige in Minnesota of federal Native American boarding schools such as Pipestone Indian School, which operated 1892–1953.
10 Pipestone Public Library
Pipestone Public Library
March 3, 1980
3rd St., SE. and S. Hiawatha Ave.
43°59′55″N 96°19′02″W / 43.998609°N 96.317308°W / 43.998609; -96.317308 (Pipestone Public Library)
Pipestone 1904 Carnegie library also significant for its architecture, designed by Joseph Schwartz in Sioux Quartzite.
11 Pipestone Water Tower
Pipestone Water Tower
March 3, 1980
2nd St., NE.
44°00′06″N 96°18′39″W / 44.001621°N 96.310884°W / 44.001621; -96.310884 (Pipestone Water Tower)
Pipestone 1920 water tower, one of the first to be built with concrete. Designer L.P. Wolff pioneered the method in 1918 for the nearly identical Brainerd Water Tower in Brainerd, Minnesota.
12 John Rowe House
John Rowe House
March 3, 1980
200 E. 2nd St.
43°51′04″N 96°23′44″W / 43.851075°N 96.395435°W / 43.851075; -96.395435 (John Rowe House)
Jasper Unusual stone bungalow built c. 1905, juxtaposing a common design with an atypical construction material.
13 Split Rock Bridge
Split Rock Bridge
November 6, 1989
County Road 54 over Split Rock Creek
43°53′31″N 96°22′02″W / 43.891914°N 96.367218°W / 43.891914; -96.367218 (Split Rock Bridge)
Ihlen vicinity Quartzite arch bridge built 1937–38, noted for its aesthetic simplicity and 50-foot (15 m) length—the longest stone arch span on a Minnesota highway.
14 Stordahl Building
March 3, 1980
119 W. Wall St.
43°50′59″N 96°23′54″W / 43.84969°N 96.398324°W / 43.84969; -96.398324 (Stordahl Building)
Jasper One of Jasper's earliest and most intact quartzite buildings, constructed in 1894.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Christianson House and Store
March 3, 1980
March 28, 1990
208 E. 2nd St.
Jasper 1888 department store and residence. Moved in 1981.
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