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This is a list of the properties and historic districts in Stamford, Connecticut that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

This list includes 35 properties that are entirely or partially in Stamford, one of which is also a National Historic Landmark. Other Fairfield County properties are covered in National Register of Historic Places listings in Bridgeport, Connecticut, National Register of Historic Places listings in Greenwich, Connecticut and National Register of Historic Places listings in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Twelve church complexes, with 26 buildings, were covered in a Multiple Property Submission study of churches in Stamford conducted in 1987. One of these, St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church, was already listed on the National Register. Some of the others were subsequently listed as result of the study.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location Description
1 Agudath Sholem Synagogue
Agudath Sholem Synagogue
May 11, 1995
29 Grove St., in downtown Stamford
41°03′18″N 73°32′01″W / 41.055°N 73.533611°W / 41.055; -73.533611 (Agudath Sholem Synagogue)
A former synagogue, now a church.
2 Church of the Holy Name
Church of the Holy Name
December 24, 1987
305 Washington Blvd., in the South End
41°02′41″N 73°32′34″W / 41.044722°N 73.542778°W / 41.044722; -73.542778 (Church of the Holy Name)
3 Cove Island Houses
Cove Island Houses
May 22, 1979
Cove Rd. and Weed Ave., in Cove Island Park (southeastern Stamford)
41°02′56″N 73°29′59″W / 41.048889°N 73.499722°W / 41.048889; -73.499722 (Cove Island Houses)
Although plural in name, this is a single house in Stamford, Connecticut that was expanded from a first section that dates from 1791. Now predominantly a Georgian style house with an older Federal style wing, it is the only remainder of the large Stamford Mills complex at the Cove.
4 Deacon John Davenport House
Deacon John Davenport House
April 29, 1982
129 Davenport Ridge Rd., in North Stamford
41°07′31″N 73°31′38″W / 41.125278°N 73.527222°W / 41.125278; -73.527222 (Deacon John Davenport House)
A saltbox house built in 1775 with Federal style features added later, significant for its architecture and for its association with the Davenport family.
5 Downtown Stamford Historic District
Downtown Stamford Historic District
October 6, 1983
Atlantic, Main, Bank, and Bedford Sts.; also bounded by Atlantic, Main, Bank, Bedford, Summer between Broad and Main Sts. and Summer Pl.; also roughly Bedford St. between Broad and Forest Sts.
41°03′57″N 73°32′26″W / 41.065833°N 73.5405°W / 41.065833; -73.5405 (Downtown Stamford Historic District)
A historic district which first included the largest remaining area of pre-1930s commercial and institutional buildings in downtown Stamford. Its boundaries were expanded in 1985 to capture the only surviving area in downtown of lower-rent commercial structures such as warehouses, laundries, and stables. and in 2002 to add the 1939-built Avon Theatre and buildings of Late Gothic Revival and Art Deco architectural styles.
6 Fort Stamford Site
Fort Stamford Site
September 10, 1975
900 Westover Rd.
41°05′06″N 73°34′42″W / 41.0849°N 73.5783°W / 41.0849; -73.5783 (Fort Stamford Site)
Now a city park.
7 Graham House
Graham House
September 13, 2011
Address Restricted
8 Benjamin Hait House
Benjamin Hait House
November 30, 1978
92 Hoyclo Rd., in North Stamford
41°08′54″N 73°33′07″W / 41.148333°N 73.551944°W / 41.148333; -73.551944 (Benjamin Hait House)
Built between 1728 and 1735; the oldest house in the area; a rare example of a New England farmhouse amidst a now-suburban area.
9 Hoyt-Barnum House
Hoyt-Barnum House
June 11, 1969
713 Bedford St., in downtown Stamford
41°03′37″N 73°32′14″W / 41.060278°N 73.537222°W / 41.060278; -73.537222 (Hoyt-Barnum House)
Built around 1699, a timber frame construction or post and beam farmhouse made of field stone, laid up with clay, animal hair, and straw. The house is braced timber frame construction or post and beam.
10 Hubbard Heights Historic District
October 18, 2016
Hubbard Ave. and vicinity
41°03′39″N 73°33′10″W / 41.060972°N 73.552703°W / 41.060972; -73.552703 (Hubbard Heights Historic District)
11 John Knap House
John Knap House
March 5, 1979
984 Stillwater Rd.
41°04′35″N 73°33′26″W / 41.076389°N 73.557222°W / 41.076389; -73.557222 (John Knap House)
Built c. 1705 by a Capt. John Knap, and owned by his son, Lt. John Knap, and then grandson Samuel Knap in 1765. Believed to be the second oldest house in Stamford.
12 Linden Apartments
Linden Apartments
August 11, 1983
10-12 Linden Pl.
41°03′36″N 73°32′42″W / 41.06°N 73.545°W / 41.06; -73.545 (Linden Apartments)
Second Empire style building built in 1886; the oldest six-unit tenement apartment building in Stamford
13 Long Ridge Village Historic District
Long Ridge Village Historic District
June 2, 1987
Old Long Ridge Rd. bounded by the New York State Line, Rock Rimmon Rd., and Long Ridge Rd./CT 104
Boundary increase (listed October 20, 2011): 1-130 Mill Rd., 189-247 Old Long Ridge Rd., 1257-1306 Rock Rimmon Rd.

41°09′20″N 73°35′37″W / 41.1556°N 73.5936°W / 41.1556; -73.5936 (Long Ridge Village Historic District)
14 Main Street Bridge
Main Street Bridge
May 21, 1987
Carries Main St. over the Rippowam River in downtown Stamford
41°03′08″N 73°32′44″W / 41.052222°N 73.545639°W / 41.052222; -73.545639 (Main Street Bridge)
"Connecticut's only wrought-iron lenticular truss remaining on a major artery in an urban center" and one of only 17 pony truss bridges in the state, built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company
15 Marion Castle, Terre Bonne
Marion Castle, Terre Bonne
July 1, 1982
1 Rogers Rd., in the Shippan Point neighborhood
41°01′23″N 73°31′45″W / 41.023056°N 73.529167°W / 41.023056; -73.529167 (Marion Castle, Terre Bonne)
16 Merritt Parkway
Merritt Parkway
April 17, 1991
Route 15 right-of-way between the New York state line and the Sikorsky Memorial Bridge; also located in Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Trumbull, and Stratford
41°06′30″N 73°33′20″W / 41.108306°N 73.555583°W / 41.108306; -73.555583 (Merritt Parkway)
Listing includes bridges crossing and bridges carrying the historic parkway.
17 Octagon House
Octagon House
August 17, 1979
120 Strawberry Hill Ave.
41°03′50″N 73°32′07″W / 41.063889°N 73.535278°W / 41.063889; -73.535278 (Octagon House)
An octagon house, apparently demolished but still NRHP-listed
18 Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall
June 2, 1972
Junction of Atlantic, Bank, and Main Sts., in downtown Stamford
41°03′11″N 73°32′26″W / 41.053056°N 73.540556°W / 41.053056; -73.540556 (Old Town Hall)
19 Gustavus and Sarah T. Pike House
Gustavus and Sarah T. Pike House
May 24, 1990
164 Fairfield Ave.
41°02′46″N 73°33′03″W / 41.046139°N 73.550806°W / 41.046139; -73.550806 (Gustavus and Sarah T. Pike House)
Queen Anne style house built in 1880 that is an excellent example of pattern book application. It includes machine-made spindles and other detailing that had only recently became cost-effective with then-modern manufacturing.
20 Revonah Manor Historic District
Revonah Manor Historic District
July 31, 1986
Roughly bounded by Urban St., East Ave., Fifth, and Bedford Sts.
41°04′04″N 73°32′29″W / 41.067778°N 73.541389°W / 41.067778; -73.541389 (Revonah Manor Historic District)
21 Rockrimmon Rockshelter
Rockrimmon Rockshelter
August 5, 1994
Address Restricted
An archeological site entered on a boulder about 60 feet high that was used as a shelter by early Native Americans.
22 St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church
St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church
December 6, 1983
1231 Washington Blvd. in downtown Stamford
41°03′26″N 73°32′32″W / 41.057222°N 73.542222°W / 41.057222; -73.542222 (St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal Church)
23 St. Benedict's Church
St. Benedict's Church
December 24, 1987
1A St. Benedict's Circle
41°02′55″N 73°31′14″W / 41.048722°N 73.520694°W / 41.048722; -73.520694 (St. Benedict's Church)
24 St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church
St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church
December 24, 1987
628 Main St. in downtown Stamford
41°03′17″N 73°32′02″W / 41.054722°N 73.533889°W / 41.054722; -73.533889 (St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church)
A historic church that was built in 1869.
25 St. Luke's Chapel
St. Luke's Chapel
December 24, 1987
714 Pacific St., in the South End Historic District
41°02′34″N 73°32′16″W / 41.042778°N 73.537778°W / 41.042778; -73.537778 (St. Luke's Chapel)
26 St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Church
December 24, 1987
540 Elm St.
41°02′59″N 73°31′29″W / 41.049611°N 73.52475°W / 41.049611; -73.52475 (St. Mary's Church)
A Roman Catholic church.
27 South End Historic District
South End Historic District
March 19, 1986
Roughly bounded by Metro-North railroad tracks, Stamford Canal, Woodland Cemetery, and Washington Blvd.
41°02′36″N 73°32′16″W / 41.043417°N 73.537861°W / 41.043417; -73.537861 (South End Historic District)
Historic district that includes 449 buildings, most dating from the 1870s to the 1930s, and also "an early naturalistic cemetery, and an iron bridge."
28 Stamford Harbor Lighthouse
Stamford Harbor Lighthouse
April 3, 1991
South of breakwater, Stamford Harbor
41°00′49″N 73°32′35″W / 41.013611°N 73.543056°W / 41.013611; -73.543056 (Stamford Harbor Lighthouse)
29 C. J. Starr Barn and Carriage House
C. J. Starr Barn and Carriage House
September 14, 1979
200 Strawberry Hill Ave.
41°04′03″N 73°32′06″W / 41.0675°N 73.535°W / 41.0675; -73.535 (C. J. Starr Barn and Carriage House)
30 Suburban Club
Suburban Club
August 10, 1989
6 Suburban Ave./580 Main St., in downtown Stamford
41°03′16″N 73°32′08″W / 41.054444°N 73.535556°W / 41.054444; -73.535556 (Suburban Club)
31 Turn-of-River Bridge
Turn-of-River Bridge
July 31, 1987
Old North Stamford Road at Rippowam River in northern Stamford
41°06′54″N 73°32′42″W / 41.115°N 73.545°W / 41.115; -73.545 (Turn-of-River Bridge)
A lenticular pony truss bridge built by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company in 1892, using a design patented by William O. Douglas in 1878 for a lens-type truss bridge. It brings the Old Stamford Road across Rippowam River.
32 Unitarian-Universalist Church
Unitarian-Universalist Church
December 24, 1987
20 Forest St. in downtown Stamford
41°03′27″N 73°32′14″W / 41.0575°N 73.537222°W / 41.0575; -73.537222 (Unitarian-Universalist Church)
33 US Post Office-Stamford Main
US Post Office-Stamford Main
December 12, 1985
421 Atlantic St.
41°02′59″N 73°32′22″W / 41.049722°N 73.539444°W / 41.049722; -73.539444 (US Post Office-Stamford Main)
34 Zion Lutheran Church
Zion Lutheran Church
December 24, 1987
132 Glenbrook Rd.
41°03′35″N 73°31′39″W / 41.059722°N 73.5275°W / 41.059722; -73.5275 (Zion Lutheran Church)
A "fine example of ecclesiastical Neo-Gothic architecture", built of red brick.
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