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The city of New Haven, Connecticut has many distinct neighborhoods. In addition to Downtown, centered on the central business district and the Green, are the following neighborhoods: the west central neighborhoods of Dixwell and Dwight; the southern neighborhoods of The Hill, historic water-front City Point (or Oyster Point), and the harborside district of Long Wharf; the western neighborhoods of Edgewood, West River, Westville, Amity, and West Rock; East Rock, Cedar Hill, Prospect Hill, and Newhallville in the northern side of town; the east central neighborhoods of Mill River and Wooster Square, an Italian-American neighborhood; Fair Haven, an immigrant community located between the Mill and Quinnipiac rivers; Quinnipiac Meadows and Fair Haven Heights across the Quinnipiac River; and facing the eastern side of the harbor, The Annex and East Shore (or Morris Cove).

List of neighborhoods

New Haven is made up of approximately 40 distinct neighborhoods, each listed below.

  • Amity
  • Annex
  • Audubon Arts District
  • Beaver Hills
  • Beverly Hills
  • Bishop Woods
  • Broadway District
  • Brookside
  • Cedar Hill
  • Chatham Square (Another name for the Northeast section of the Fair Haven neighborhood)
  • Church Street South
  • City Point/Oyster Point
  • Dixwell
  • Downtown New Haven(Central Business District)
  • Dwight
  • East Rock
  • East Shore/Morris Cove
  • Edgewood
  • Fair Haven
  • Fair Haven Heights
  • Hill
  • Jocelyn Square
  • Kimberly Square
  • Long Wharf
  • Mill River
  • Newhallville
  • New Haven Green (within the Downtown neighborhood)
  • Prospect Hill
  • Quinnipiac Meadows
  • Quinnipiac River Village
  • Trowbridge Square
  • Upper State Street
  • Westville
  • West Chapel District
  • West Hills
  • West River
  • West Rock
  • Whalley District
  • Wooster Square
  • Yale Main Campus
  • Yale Medical Campus

Historic districts

Numerous areas within the city are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or by the state of Connecticut as historic districts:

  • Beaver Hills Historic District
  • Chapel Street Historic District
  • Dwight Street Historic District
  • Edgewood Park Historic District
  • Elm Street Historic District
  • Fairlawn-Nettleton Historic District
  • Hillhouse Avenue Historic District
  • Howard Avenue Historic District
  • New Haven Green Historic District
  • Ninth Square Historic District
  • Orange Street Historic District
  • Oyster Point Historic District
  • Prospect Hill Historic District
  • Quinnipiac River Historic District
  • Redfield & West Streets Historic District
  • River Street Historic District
  • Trowbridge Square Historic District
  • Upper State Street Historic District
  • Westville Village Historic District
  • Whitney Avenue Historic District
  • Winchester Repeating Arms Company Historic District
  • Wooster Square Historic District

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