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The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame is an organisation commemorating New Zealand's greatest sporting triumphs. It was inaugurated as part of the New Zealand sesquicentenary celebrations in 1990. Some 160 members have been inducted into the Hall of Fame since its inception representing a wide variety of sports. Inductions are held regularly every second year.

Since 1999, it has been located in Dunedin, in the city's Railway Station building, where a museum is sited displaying mementos of New Zealand's sporting achievements. Prior to this time the Hall of Fame was based in Wellington. The current chief executive of the Hall of Fame is sports writer Ron Palenski.



The following individuals have been inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame:

Year Inductee Sporting field
1990 Batten, JeanJean Batten Aviation
1990 Blazey, CesCes Blazey Administration
1990 Blomfield, LoftyLofty Blomfield Wrestling
1990 Bouzaid, ChrisChris Bouzaid Yachting
1990 Bowen, GodfreyGodfrey Bowen Shearing
1990 Briggs, BarryBarry Briggs Motorsport
1990 Brownlie, MauriceMaurice Brownlie Rugby union
1990 Champion, MalcolmMalcolm Champion Swimming
1990 Charles, BobBob Charles Golf
1990 Cooke, BertBert Cooke Rugby union
1990 Cross, LanceLance Cross Administration
1990 Dempster, StewieStewie Dempster Cricket
1990 Donnelly, MartinMartin Donnelly Cricket
1990 Farr, BruceBruce Farr Yachting
1990 Gerrard, DaveDave Gerrard Swimming
1990 Jones, LindaLinda Jones Thoroughbred racing
1990 Hadfield, DarcyDarcy Hadfield Rowing
1990 Halberg, MurrayMurray Halberg Athletics
1990 Hamilton, BillBill Hamilton Jetboating
1990 Harnett, JoanJoan Harnett Netball
1990 Hillary, EdmundEdmund Hillary Mountaineering
1990 Holmes, MauriceMaurice Holmes Harness racing
1990 Herlihy, KevinKevin Herlihy Softball
1990 Hurring, GaryGary Hurring Swimming
1990 James, NaomiNaomi James Yachting
1990 Kirkpatrick, IanIan Kirkpatrick Rugby union
1990 Lay, StanStan Lay Athletics
1990 Lochore, BrianBrian Lochore Rugby union
1990 Lovelock, JackJack Lovelock Athletics
1990 Lydiard, ArthurArthur Lydiard Athletics
1990 McCarthy, WinstonWinston McCarthy Sports broadcasting
1990 McConachy, ClarkClark McConachy Billiards
1990 McLaren, BruceBruce McLaren Motorsport
1990 Meads, ColinColin Meads Rugby union
1990 Mills, LesLes Mills Athletics
1990 Morgan, TedTed Morgan Boxing
1990 Mountford, CecilCecil Mountford Rugby league
1990 Murphy, BillyBilly Murphy Boxing
1990 Nepia, GeorgeGeorge Nepia Rugby union
1990 Oliver, DonDon Oliver Weightlifting
1990 Parun, OnnyOnny Parun Tennis
1990 Perrott, RebeccaRebecca Perrott Swimming
1990 Porritt, ArthurArthur Porritt Athletics
1990 Quax, DickDick Quax Athletics
1990 Read, NormanNorman Read Athletics
1990 Reid, John R.John R. Reid Cricket
1990 Rimmer, EveEve Rimmer Disabled sport
1990 Robertson, RustyRusty Robertson Rowing
1990 Robson, JeffJeff Robson Badminton / tennis
1990 Scott, BobBob Scott Rugby union
1990 Skelton, BillBill Skelton Thoroughbred racing
1990 Skoglund, PhilPhil Skoglund Lawn bowls
1990 Snell, PeterPeter Snell Athletics
1990 Stewart, JeanJean Stewart Swimming
1990 Sutcliffe, BertBert Sutcliffe Cricket
1990 Tayler, DickDick Tayler Athletics
1990 Turner, GlennGlenn Turner Cricket
1990 Walker, JohnJohn Walker Athletics
1990 Wallace, BillyBilly Wallace Rugby union
1990 Whineray, WilsonWilson Whineray Rugby union
1990 White, DesDes White Rugby league
1990 Wilding, AnthonyAnthony Wilding Tennis
1990 Wilkie, ElsieElsie Wilkie Lawn bowls
1990 Williams, RoyRoy Williams Athletics
1990 Williams, YvetteYvette Williams Athletics
1990 Young, ValVal Young Athletics
1993 Devoy, SusanSusan Devoy Squash
1993 Ferguson, IanIan Ferguson Canoeing
1993 Hadlee, RichardRichard Hadlee Cricket
1993 Hulme, DennyDenny Hulme Motorsport
1993 Muir, LoisLois Muir Netball
1993 Todd, MarkMark Todd Equestrian
1995 Allen, FredFred Allen Rugby union
1995 Amon, ChrisChris Amon Motorsport
1995 Anderson, HughHugh Anderson Motorsport
1995 Arnst, RichardRichard Arnst Rowing
1995 Baker, ErinErin Baker Multisport
1995 Chamberlain, MariseMarise Chamberlain Athletics
1995 Clarke, DonDon Clarke Rugby union
1995 Crosby, GraemeGraeme Crosby Motorsport
1995 Cuff, LeonardLeonard Cuff Administration
1995 Devenport, BarrieBarrie Devenport Swimming
1995 Fitzsimmons, BobBob Fitzsimmons Boxing
1995 Gallaher, DaveDave Gallaher Rugby union
1995 Gould, PhilippaPhilippa Gould Swimming
1995 Hadlee, WalterWalter Hadlee Cricket
1995 Hill, StanStan Hill Basketball
1995 Jarden, RonRon Jarden Rugby union
1995 Jones, StuartStuart Jones Golf
1995 Moore, RonnieRonnie Moore Motorsport
1995 Mosse, AnthonyAnthony Mosse Swimming
1995 Nunneley, KathleenKathleen Nunneley Tennis
1995 Scott, JoeJoe Scott Athletics
1995 Skelton, BobBob Skelton Thoroughbred racing
1995 Smith, GeorgeGeorge Smith Athletics / rugby league / rugby union
1995 Tindill, EricEric Tindill Cricket / rugby union
1995 Tremain, KelKel Tremain Rugby union
1995 Wolfenden, PeterPeter Wolfenden Harness racing
1996 Baskerville, AlbertAlbert Baskerville Rugby league
1996 Baxter, TommyTommy Baxter Rugby league
1996 Broughton, BillBill Broughton Thoroughbred racing
1996 Cowie, JackJack Cowie Cricket
1996 Dixon, RodRod Dixon Athletics
1996 Graham, MarkMark Graham Rugby league
1996 Heeney, TomTom Heeney Boxing
1996 Hollis, OliverOliver Hollis Golf
1996 Kerr, HarryHarry Kerr Athletics
1996 Lewis, ChrisChris Lewis Tennis
1996 Lowry, TomTom Lowry Cricket
1996 Matthews, CecilCecil Matthews Athletics
1996 McDonald, JenniferJennifer McDonald Field hockey
1996 McKenzie, MedaMeda McKenzie Swimming
1996 Mourie, GrahamGraham Mourie Rugby union
1996 Rush, PhilipPhilip Rush Swimming
1996 Savidan, BillyBilly Savidan Athletics
1996 Seeling, CharlieCharlie Seeling Rugby union
1996 Shewry, NedNed Shewry Woodchopping
1996 Skinner, KevinKevin Skinner Rugby union
1996 Taumaunu, WaimaramaWaimarama Taumaunu Netball
1996 Thompson, AlanAlan Thompson Canoeing
1996 Williams, BryanBryan Williams Rugby union
1997 Devine, CecilCecil Devine Harness racing
1997 Ellis, JimmyJimmy Ellis Thoroughbred racing
1997 Holliday, KarenKaren Holliday Cycling
1997 MacDonald, PaulPaul MacDonald Canoeing
1997 Marshall, MarilynMarilyn Marshall Football / softball
1997 Massey, BillBill Massey Softball
1997 Motz, DickDick Motz Cricket
1997 Reese, DanielDaniel Reese Cricket
1997 Rose, RandolphRandolph Rose Athletics
1997 Shelford, WayneWayne Shelford Rugby union
1997 Smith, IanIan Smith Cricket
1997 Webb, BillyBilly Webb Rowing
1997 Winstanley, CisCis Winstanley Lawn bowls
1999 Ellison, TomTom Ellison Rugby union
1999 Fatialofa, RitaRita Fatialofa Netball
1999 Fox, GrantGrant Fox Rugby union
1999 Mauger, IvanIvan Mauger Motorsport
1999 Nicholls, MarkMark Nicholls Rugby union
2001 Crowe, MartinMartin Crowe Cricket
2001 Edge, SandraSandra Edge Netball
2003 Blake, PeterPeter Blake Yachting
2003 Coberger, AnneliseAnnelise Coberger Skiing
2003 Fitzpatrick, SeanSean Fitzpatrick Rugby union
2005 Laing, DuncanDuncan Laing Swimming
2005 Loader, DanyonDanyon Loader Swimming
2005 Rufer, WyntonWynton Rufer Football
2006 Anderson, GaryGary Anderson Cycling
2008 Moller, LorraineLorraine Moller Athletics
2008 Ryan, MikeMike Ryan Athletics
2009 Audain, AnneAnne Audain Athletics
2009 Norman, RossRoss Norman Squash
2010 Magee, BarryBarry Magee Athletics
2010 Roe, AllisonAllison Roe Athletics
2011 Baillie, BillBill Baillie Athletics
2011 Jones, MichaelMichael Jones Rugby union
2012 Kirwan, JohnJohn Kirwan Rugby union
2013 Kendall, BruceBruce Kendall Yachting
2013 Wilson, JeffJeff Wilson Rugby union
2014 Lomu, JonahJonah Lomu Rugby union
2014 Ulmer, SarahSarah Ulmer Cycling
2015 Kendall, BarbaraBarbara Kendall Yachting
2015 Jones, StaceyStacey Jones Rugby league
2016 O'Sullivan, LanceLance O'Sullivan Thoroughbred racing
2016 Rowlands, DonDon Rowlands Rowing
2016 Rumball, LesleyLesley Rumball Netball
2016 Sorenson, MarkMark Sorenson Softball
2017 Jowett, DonDon Jowett Athletics
2017 Waddell, RobRob Waddell Rowing
2017 Wiki, RubenRuben Wiki Rugby league
2018 Faumuina, BeatriceBeatrice Faumuina Athletics
2020 Going, SidSid Going Rugby union


The following teams have been inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame:

Year Inductee Sporting field
1990 1905 All Blacks Rugby union
1990 1924 All Blacks Rugby union
1990 1968 New Zealand coxed four Rowing
1990 1971–1972 New Zealand eight Rowing
1990 1976 New Zealand men's hockey team Field hockey
1990 Peter Mander and Jack Cropp Yachting
1990 Helmer Pedersen and Earle Wells Yachting
1995 1982 New Zealand eight Rowing
1995 1987 All Blacks Rugby union
1996 1967 New Zealand netball team Netball
1996 1987 New Zealand netball team Netball
1997 1945–1946 2NZEF rugby team Rugby union
1999 1982 New Zealand women's softball team Softball
2005 1975 New Zealand men's crosscountry team Athletics
2012 Philippa Baker and Brenda Lawson Rowing
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