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Dubois, 1987

Nimbaphrynoides is a genus of true toads. They live in the highlands in the Mount Nimba region of the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire. They are Critically Endangered due to habitat loss, and iron and bauxite mining in their small ranges.

The two species are viviparous. This means they have internal fertilisation. The female gives birth to fully developed, tiny toadlets. Nectophrynoides and Nimbaphrynoides are the only frogs/toads that do not lay eggs.


Binomial Name and Author Common Name
Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis (Xavier, 1979) Liberia Nimba Toad
Nimbaphrynoides occidentalis (Angel, 1943) Western Nimba Toad
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