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Nome Kingdom
The Nome Kingdom is near the Land of Ev
The Oz series location
Created by L. Frank Baum
Genre Children's books
Type Monarchy
Ethnic group(s) Nomes
Currency specto

The Nome Kingdom is a fictional region near the Land of Oz that is ruled by the Nome King. It is near the Land of Ev, Rinkitink, and the unnamed countries where Whimsies, Growleywogs and Phanfasms live. The Nome Kingdom is also known as the Dominions of the Nome King.

Points of interest

  • Great Domed Cavern - The largest cave in the Nome Kingdom.
    • Metal Forest - An artificial forest in the Great Domed Cavern. This is where the Nomes store their riches. All the trees are solid gold and tower as high as oak trees. The Metal Forest also has Hotel Trees which bear edible food.
  • Hot Lake - An unnamed hot bubbling lake where the Nomes like to go swimming.
  • Nome King's Palace - The home of the Nome King.
  • Rubber Country - An area of land that is near the Nome Kingdom and the Land of Ev. Everything there is all rubbery and is surrounded by a brook of dry water.

Known inhabitants

  • Colonel Crinkle - A dapper-looking Nome who is the colonel of the Nome Army. He temporarily became General after General Blug was disposed of. After an argument with the Nome King, General Crinkle was taken to the torture chamber where he was killed.
  • General Blug - A Nome who is the general of the Nome Army. He was the one who suggested that the Nome King have his forces tunnel under the Deadly Desert. Upon an argument involving Princess Ozma's powers, Nome King knocked General Blug unconscious and had him thrown away.
  • General Guph - An old Nome who was the successor of General Blug and Colonel Crinkle. Guph was the one who enlisted the Whimsies, the Phanfasms, and the Growleywogs into joining the Nome King in his invasion upon the Land of Oz. After Ruggedo was overthrown by Kaliko, Guph was made the new Chamberlain.
  • Iron Giant - A mechanical construct created by Smith & Tinker for the Nome King. It is used to keep trespassers into locating the Nome King's palace. The Iron Giant once stepped on Sawhorse. It was later stopped by Dorothy using the Magic Belt.
  • Long-Eared Hearer - A Nome with large ears. He can hear people on the surface or people over 9,306 miles down the Hollow Tube.
  • Lookout - A strange Nome who had the power to see many things with his eyes that went in different directions.
  • Kaliko - A Nome who was Ruggedo's Chamberlain. He later became the second Nome King after Ruggedo was overthrown.
  • Klik -
  • Pang - A Nome who is the leader of the Nome King's executioners.
  • Potaroo - The Nome's residential fifth-rate wizard.
  • Ruggedo - The original Nome King.
  • Quiggeroc - An old Nome who served Kaliko during his time as the Nome King.
  • Shoofenwaller - Chamberlain under Kaliko
  • Umph and Grumph -

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