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Oksana Baiul (born November 16, 1977 in Dnipropetrovsk) is a Ukrainian figure skater. She came first at the 1993 world championships and at the 1994 winter olympics.

Baiul's grandfather gave her first skates to her when she was three years old. When her mother died, she became an orphan (had no parents). But she kept skating, and won the world championships when she was only 15 years old. She became famous for her artistic ability when she skated as "the swan" to win the Olympics when she was 16.

She has skated for many professional shows such as Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice. A T.V. movie was made about her - A Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story. She now lives in New Jersey. She still skates professionally, and also makes figure skating clothes.

Amateur competitions

  • World Championships: 1993 - 1st
  • Winter Olympics: 1994 - 1st
  • European Championships: 1993 - 2nd, 1994 - 2nd

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