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Old World Wisconsin
IUCN Category V (Protected Landscape/Seascape)
Koepsell House 2, Old World Wisconsin.JPG
Koepsel House at Old World Wisconsin
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Location Eagle, Wisconsin, United States
Area 480 acres (190 ha)
Established 1976
Governing body Wisconsin Historical Society

Old World Wisconsin is an open-air museum located near Eagle, in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. It depicts housing and the daily life of settlers in 19th-century Wisconsin, with separate areas representing the traditions of different ethnic groups who settled in the state. Costumed interpreters portray the occupations and chores of typical settlers of the time.


Opened in 1976, the museum is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. The largest outdoor museum of rural life in the United States, it encompasses approximately 480 acres (2.4 km²) of rolling wooded hills. It contains more than 60 historic structures, ranging from ethnic farmsteads with furnished houses and rural outbuildings to an 1880s crossroads village with traditional small town institutions. A restaurant, gift shop, and conference space are located in the octagonal Clausing Barn. Trams run between the Scandinavian and German, African-American, and Crossroads villages.


Old World Wisconsin exists largely due to the efforts of German immigrant Hans Kuether and architect Richard W. E. Perrin. Perrin was an early advocate for the preservation of historic structures as evidenced by his involvement with the Association for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and with the preservation of the Mitchell-Rountree House in Platteville, Wisconsin in 1959. Perrin published a guide book in 1960 titled Historic Wisconsin Architecture listing 76 structures in Wisconsin that he felt were worthy of preservation. Perrin first proposed the idea for an outdoor museum in 1964 in the form of a "Pioneer Park". Perrin's inspiration for the park actually dated back to a trip he made to Europe in 1953 and visited European outdoor museums including Skansen in Sweden which he used as his model for the Wisconsin Park.

The effort to actually create the museum began in 1966, when the University of Wisconsin Department of Landscape Architucture and the Wisconsin Historical Society, agreed to have an undergraduate class at the university prepare preliminary plans for an outdoor museum. The proposals created were published in a report titled "Heritage Village, Wisconsin – A Preliminary Proposal". Following this, two graduate students were selected to refine and expand the preliminary programs through research, on-site investigations and design studies and create a master plan for development. The study was co-funded by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the State Historical Society at a cost of under $5,000. In 1968, the master plan was summarized in a 122-page report which also included an economic feasibility study by a graduate student in the School of Business. The project was named Old World Wisconsin and the Heritage wording was later applied to the Heritage Hill State Historical Park near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Fundraising for purchase of property estimated at $30,000 were begun in January 1969. In June 1971 it was announced that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would transfer about 560 acres of property that was then part of the Kettle Moraine State Forest to the State Historical Society for the museum. Development costs were estimated at about $1.5 million at that time with about 20% of that coming from private donors.

Development of the park was intended to start in 1972 and the Historical Society had already moved 11 dismantled structures to the site but work was delayed until 1973 pending completion of an environmental impact study. A dispute arose in 1973 with the Town of Eagle. The residents of the town were concerned about the impact the environmental impact statement revealed that the development of the museum would have on their town and the town board became concerned over lack of control by local zoning and building permits. The board had directed the town's building inspector to post a stop-work order at the site. The state filed a suit to vacate the order and $50,000 damages. The town countersued for $5,000,000 claiming that newly passed state law required the state to follow local zoning ordinances. The court lifted the order stating that work had started at the site before the law took effect on August 1 and was therefore exempt from the new rule. The town did not give up on their lawsuit until November 1974.

The park was dedicated on June 8, 1974 with a flag-raising ceremony. At the time there were 8 structures completed or under construction.

In May 1975, the society reported that construction was still on schedule but that estimated costs had risen from $2.3 million to $4.5 million but that donations had only produced about $1 million.

In December 1975 Wisconsin Governor Patrick Lucey announced that a $4 million fund raising campaign would be chaired by Herbert Kohler Jr. and his wife Linda. The Kohler family already had a 45-year history of historic building construction and restoration through the Kohler Foundation dating back to the 1931 construction of the Waelderhaus and the 1950s restoration of the Sylvanus Wade House.

The queen of Denmark, Margrethe II dedicated the Danish exhibit on May 14, 1976.

The museum officially opened on June 30, 1976 in time for the United States Bicentennial celebration.

Tornado damage

On the evening of June 21, 2010, the museum was hit by a tornado that leveled acres of trees on the grounds. The "Old World 4th of July" event was canceled because of the clean-up efforts.


Yoked Wisconsin oxen
Live Interpreter with oxen

The park is divided into themed areas that represent typical settlement from various immigrant cultures.

  • African American: Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Chapel, Shepard Family Cemetery, United Brethren Church, Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
  • Danish: Pedersen Farm
  • Finnish: Rankinen Farm, Ketola Farm
  • German: Koepsel Farm, Schottler Farm, Schulz Farm
    • Christian Turck House was originally known as Schottler Farm. Both the Koepsel House and Christian Turck House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. .
  • Norwegian: Fossebrekke Farm, Kvaale Farm, Raspberry School
  • Polish: Kruza House
  • Yankee/1880s Village: Harmony Town Hall, Four Mile Inn, Sisel Shoe Shop, Benson House, Grotelueschen Blacksmith Shop, Peterson Wagon Shop, Thomas General Store, Mary Hafford House, St. Peter's Church and a new exhibit added in 2014, Catch Wheel Fever
    • Yankee Village also contains non-Yankee buildings featuring the integration of other European settlers to Wisconsin in the 19th century:
      • Sisel shoe shop (Czech)
      • Grotelueschen Blacksmith Shop (German)
      • Peterson Wagon Shop (Scandinavian)

List of structures

Three of the site's structures are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Buildings were relocated from locations throughout Wisconsin.

Structure name Village location Image Built Construction/style/notes
Bicycle Shop The Green 42°52′15″N 88°29′22″W / 42.870732°N 88.489350°W / 42.870732; -88.489350 (Bicycle Shop) OWW-TheGreen-Bicycle Shop.jpg
Caldwell Hall Education Center The Green 42°52′14″N 88°29′22″W / 42.870523°N 88.489429°W / 42.870523; -88.489429 (Caldwell Hall) Caldwell Farmers Club Hall-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Clausing Barn/Gift Shop The Green 42°52′21″N 88°29′27″W / 42.872608°N 88.490737°W / 42.872608; -88.490737 (Clausing Barn) Clausing Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Pergola The Green 42°52′19″N 88°29′26″W / 42.871920°N 88.490589°W / 42.871920; -88.490589 (Pergola) OWW-TheGreen-Pergola.jpg 2016
Ramsey Barn The Green 42°52′17″N 88°29′27″W / 42.871382°N 88.490823°W / 42.871382; -88.490823 (Ramsey Barn) Ramsey Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Shelter The Green 42°52′18″N 88°29′26″W / 42.871668°N 88.490589°W / 42.871668; -88.490589 (Shelter) OWW-TheGreen-Shelter.jpg
Guest Services/Family History Center The Green 42°52′19″N 88°29′26″W / 42.872080°N 88.490572°W / 42.872080; -88.490572 (Guest Services) OWW-Guest Services-Family History Center.jpg
United Brethren Church African-American 42°52′02″N 88°29′49″W / 42.867242°N 88.496876°W / 42.867242; -88.496876 (United Brethren Church) United Brethren Church-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Pleasant Ridge Chapel African-American 42°52′03″N 88°29′43″W / 42.867566°N 88.495333°W / 42.867566; -88.495333 (Pleasant Ridge Chapel) Pleasant Ridge Chapel Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery African-American 42°52′03″N 88°29′48″W / 42.867548°N 88.496626°W / 42.867548; -88.496626 (Pleasant Ridge Cemetery) Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Shepard Family Cemetery African-American 42°52′04″N 88°29′43″W / 42.867677°N 88.495414°W / 42.867677; -88.495414 (Shepard Family Cemetery) Shepard Family Cemetery Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Pedersen House Danish 42°51′43″N 88°29′24″W / 42.861953°N 88.490058°W / 42.861953; -88.490058 (Pederson House) Pederson House-Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1872 moved from Polk County
Pedersen Barn Danish 42°51′43″N 88°29′26″W / 42.861824°N 88.490488°W / 42.861824; -88.490488 (Pederson Barn) Pederson Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg early 1870s moved from Polk County
Ketola Barn Finnish 42°51′56″N 88°29′29″W / 42.865568°N 88.491266°W / 42.865568; -88.491266 (Ketola Barn) Ketola Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg Moved from Oulu, Bayfield County
Ketola House Finnish 42°51′55″N 88°29′30″W / 42.865278°N 88.491531°W / 42.865278; -88.491531 (Ketola House) Ketola House-Old World Wisconsin.jpg Log Moved from Oulu, Bayfield County
Lantta Hay Barn
(Ketola Farm)
Finnish 42°51′53″N 88°29′29″W / 42.864850°N 88.491474°W / 42.864850; -88.491474 (Lantta Hay Barn) Lantta Hay Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Ronkainen Sauna
(Ketola Farm)
Finnish 42°51′54″N 88°29′28″W / 42.865137°N 88.491223°W / 42.865137; -88.491223 (Ronkainen Sauna) Ronkainen Sauna-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Kortesmaa Granary
(Ketola Farm)
Finnish 42°51′55″N 88°29′28″W / 42.865292°N 88.491181°W / 42.865292; -88.491181 (Kortesmaa Granary) Kortesmaa Granary-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Makela Stable
(Ketola Farm)
Finnish 42°51′56″N 88°29′28″W / 42.865456°N 88.491179°W / 42.865456; -88.491179 (Makela Stable) Makela Stable Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Rankinen Outhouse
(Ketola Farm)
Finnish 42°51′56″N 88°29′28″W / 42.865536°N 88.491135°W / 42.865536; -88.491135 (Rankinen Outhouse) Rankinen Outhouse-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Rankinen House Finnish 42°51′57″N 88°29′24″W / 42.865910°N 88.490011°W / 42.865910; -88.490011 (Rankinen House) Rankinen House-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Rankinen Barn Finnish 42°51′56″N 88°29′25″W / 42.865651°N 88.490219°W / 42.865651; -88.490219 (Rankinen Barn) Rankinen Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Kortesmaa Outhouse
(Rankinen Farm)
Finnish 42°51′56″N 88°29′25″W / 42.865583°N 88.490195°W / 42.865583; -88.490195 (Kortesmaa Outhouse)
Koepsel House German 42°51′59″N 88°29′51″W / 42.866347°N 88.497387°W / 42.866347; -88.497387 (Koepsel House) Koepsell House Rear at Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1860 Listed on the NRHP in 1973 (#73000095)
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°51′58″N 88°29′52″W / 42.866163°N 88.497776°W / 42.866163; -88.497776 (Koepsel Barn)
Brewing Shed
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°52′01″N 88°29′55″W / 42.866807°N 88.498581°W / 42.866807; -88.498581 (Koepsel Brewing Shed)
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°51′58″N 88°29′51″W / 42.866094°N 88.497472°W / 42.866094; -88.497472 (Koepsel Outhouse) Koepsell Outhouse Old World Wisconsin.jpg
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°51′59″N 88°29′53″W / 42.866345°N 88.497924°W / 42.866345; -88.497924 (Koepsel Stable) 1850 Astylistic Utilitarian. Moved to Old World Wisconsin from town of Emmet, Dodge County, west side of County Road EM, 1.1 miles north of State Road 109
Hog pen
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°52′00″N 88°29′51″W / 42.866631°N 88.497474°W / 42.866631; -88.497474 (Koepsel Pen) Koepsell Hog Pen Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Wood Shop
(Koepsel Farm)
German 42°51′59″N 88°29′52″W / 42.866472°N 88.497788°W / 42.866472; -88.497788 (Koepsel Wood shop)
Schultz House German 42°51′54″N 88°29′52″W / 42.864978°N 88.497693°W / 42.864978; -88.497693 (Schultz House) Schultz House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Schultz Barn German 42°51′56″N 88°29′52″W / 42.865447°N 88.497717°W / 42.865447; -88.497717 (Schultz Barn) Schultz Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Schultz Stable German 42°51′55″N 88°29′52″W / 42.865244°N 88.497901°W / 42.865244; -88.497901 (Schultz Stable) Schultz Stable Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Schottler House German 42°51′56″N 88°29′57″W / 42.865566°N 88.499292°W / 42.865566; -88.499292 (Schottler House) Christian Turck House at Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1846 Cedar log house chinked with rye straw and clay, built in Washington County. Listed on the NRHP in 1973 (#73000097) as Christian Turck House
Held Barn
(Schottler farm)
German 42°51′56″N 88°29′58″W / 42.865435°N 88.499535°W / 42.865435; -88.499535 (Held Barn) Held Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Jung Barn
(Schottler farm)
German 42°51′55″N 88°29′58″W / 42.865289°N 88.499378°W / 42.865289; -88.499378 (Jung Barn) Jung Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Fassbender Granary
(Schottler farm)
German 42°51′55″N 88°29′57″W / 42.865295°N 88.499144°W / 42.865295; -88.499144 (Fassbender Granary) Fassbender Granery Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Kessel Bakehouse
(Schottler farm)
German 42°51′56″N 88°29′57″W / 42.865421°N 88.499217°W / 42.865421; -88.499217 (Kessel Bakehouse) Kessel Bakehouse Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Jung Smokehouse
(Schottler farm)
German 42°51′56″N 88°29′57″W / 42.865516°N 88.499087°W / 42.865516; -88.499087 (Jung Smokehouse) Jung Smokehouse Exterior Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Abandoned House Norwegian 42°51′32″N 88°29′26″W / 42.858767°N 88.490477°W / 42.858767; -88.490477 (Abandoned House)
Abandoned Barn Norwegian 42°51′31″N 88°29′27″W / 42.858536°N 88.490749°W / 42.858536; -88.490749 (Abandoned Barn)
Kvaale House Norwegian 42°51′32″N 88°29′38″W / 42.858800°N 88.493865°W / 42.858800; -88.493865 (Kvaale House) Kvaale House Front-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Dahlen Corncrib
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′32″N 88°29′39″W / 42.858938°N 88.494161°W / 42.858938; -88.494161 (Dahlen Corncrib)
Sorbergshagen Barn
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′32″N 88°29′40″W / 42.858925°N 88.494453°W / 42.858925; -88.494453 (Sorbergshagen Barn) Sorbergshagen Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Lisbakken Granery
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′31″N 88°29′40″W / 42.858707°N 88.494485°W / 42.858707; -88.494485 (Lisbakken Granery) Lisbakken Granary-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Bosboen Barn
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′31″N 88°29′39″W / 42.858528°N 88.494209°W / 42.858528; -88.494209 (Bosboen Barn) Bosboen Barn-Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Otteson Outhouse
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′31″N 88°29′38″W / 42.858627°N 88.493951°W / 42.858627; -88.493951 (Otteson Outhouse)
Veggli House
(Kvaale Farm)
Norwegian 42°51′31″N 88°29′38″W / 42.858607°N 88.493803°W / 42.858607; -88.493803 (Veggli House)
Fossebrekke House Norwegian 42°51′34″N 88°29′37″W / 42.859347°N 88.493674°W / 42.859347; -88.493674 (Fossebrekke House) Fossebrekke Farm-Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1845 (oldest building on site)
Raspberry Schoolhouse Norwegian 42°51′33″N 88°29′33″W / 42.859044°N 88.492403°W / 42.859044; -88.492403 (Raspberry Schoolhouse) OldWorldWisconsinRaspberrySchoolHouse.jpg
Ward District Schoolhouse No. 3 Norwegian 42°51′27″N 88°29′37″W / 42.857570°N 88.493729°W / 42.857570; -88.493729 (Ward District Schoolhouse No. 3) Ward District School House No. 3.jpeg 1849 Greek Revival, Listed on the NRHP in 1981 (#81000066)
Kruza House Polish 42°51′52″N 88°29′57″W / 42.864375°N 88.499057°W / 42.864375; -88.499057 (Kruza House) Kruza House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Kaczorowski Outhouse Polish 42°51′51″N 88°29′56″W / 42.864283°N 88.498937°W / 42.864283; -88.498937 (Kaczorowski Outhouse) Kaczorowski Outhouse Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Roadside Cross Polish 42°51′53″N 88°29′56″W / 42.864729°N 88.498945°W / 42.864729; -88.498945 (Roadside Cross)
Benson House Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′06″N 88°29′30″W / 42.868348°N 88.491758°W / 42.868348; -88.491758 (Benson House) Benson House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Benson Barn Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′06″N 88°29′32″W / 42.868393°N 88.492228°W / 42.868393; -88.492228 (Benson Barn)
Benson Gezebo Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′06″N 88°29′31″W / 42.868322°N 88.492029°W / 42.868322; -88.492029 (Benson Gezebo)
Blacksmith Shop Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′07″N 88°29′30″W / 42.868508°N 88.491727°W / 42.868508; -88.491727 (Blacksmith Shop) Blacksmith Shop Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Hafford House Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′09″N 88°29′32″W / 42.869225°N 88.492237°W / 42.869225; -88.492237 (Hafford House) Mary Hafford Irish Immigrant House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Four Mile House Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′05″N 88°29′30″W / 42.867983°N 88.491581°W / 42.867983; -88.491581 (Four Mile House) Four Mile House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Harmony Town Hall Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′03″N 88°29′22″W / 42.867524°N 88.489458°W / 42.867524; -88.489458 (Harmony Town Hall) Harmony Town Hall-Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1876 Front Gabled. Originally build it Town of Harmony in Rock County. Moved to Old World Wisconsin in October, 1976.
Peterson Wagon Shop Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′07″N 88°29′30″W / 42.868664°N 88.491753°W / 42.868664; -88.491753 (Peterson Wagon Shop) Wagon Shop Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Sisel Shoe Shop Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′05″N 88°29′31″W / 42.868014°N 88.492082°W / 42.868014; -88.492082 (Sisel Shoe Shop) Sisel Shoe Shop Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Sisel Barn Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′04″N 88°29′32″W / 42.867676°N 88.492207°W / 42.867676; -88.492207 (Sisel Barn)
Stage Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′07″N 88°29′29″W / 42.868508°N 88.491284°W / 42.868508; -88.491284 (Stage)
Thomas General Store Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′07″N 88°29′29″W / 42.868677°N 88.491337°W / 42.868677; -88.491337 (Thomas General Store) Thomas General Store Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1876 Front gabled limestone. Moved to Old World Wisconsin in 1992 from the SE corner of Hwy 18 and Waterville Road in Waukesha County.
(Thomas Store)
Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′08″N 88°29′28″W / 42.868886°N 88.491025°W / 42.868886; -88.491025 (Thomas Barn) Thomas General Store Shed World World Wisconsin.jpg
(Thomas Store)
Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′07″N 88°29′28″W / 42.868714°N 88.49102°W / 42.868714; -88.49102 (Thomas Outhouse) Thomas Store Outhouse2 Old World Wisconsin.jpg
Loomer Barn Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′05″N 88°29′25″W / 42.867991°N 88.490297°W / 42.867991; -88.490297 (Loomer Barn) Loomer Barn Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1858 Astylistic Utilitarian. The Loomer Barn was reconstructed at Old World Wisconsin in the mid-1980s as a part of the Yankee farmstead. It's an example of a three-bay threshing barn, tied to the period of heavy wheat production in southern WI.
Sanford House Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′06″N 88°29′25″W / 42.868430°N 88.490265°W / 42.868430; -88.490265 (Sanford House) Sanford House Old World Wisconsin.jpg
St. Peter's Church Yankee/1880s Village 42°52′11″N 88°29′30″W / 42.869695°N 88.491801°W / 42.869695; -88.491801 (St. Peter's Church) St Peters Church Old World Wisconsin.jpg 1838 Gothic Revival. Moved from 3257 S Lake Dr, St. Francis. Originally located at 2469 N. Murray Ave. in Milwaukee.
Administrative offices Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′45″N 88°30′05″W / 42.862546°N 88.501355°W / 42.862546; -88.501355 (Administrative offices)
Concession Stand Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°29′33″W / 42.857723°N 88.492629°W / 42.857723; -88.492629 (Concession Stand)
Entrance Sign (North 1 of 2) Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′51″N 88°29′16″W / 42.864104°N 88.487687°W / 42.864104; -88.487687 (Entrance Sign) OWW-Entrance sign-north.jpg
Entrance Sign (South 2 of 2) Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′50″N 88°29′16″W / 42.863824°N 88.487754°W / 42.863824; -88.487754 (Entrance Sign) OWW-Entrance sign-south.jpg
Farmhouse Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°30′00″W / 42.857907°N 88.499971°W / 42.857907; -88.499971 (Farmhouse)
Farmhouse barn Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°30′03″W / 42.857759°N 88.500708°W / 42.857759; -88.500708 (Farmhouse barn)
Farmhouse garage Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′29″N 88°30′00″W / 42.858009°N 88.500124°W / 42.858009; -88.500124 (Farmhouse garage)
Farmhouse shed Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′29″N 88°30′02″W / 42.857920°N 88.500573°W / 42.857920; -88.500573 (Farmhouse shed)
Farmhouse wellhouse Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°30′02″W / 42.857823°N 88.500460°W / 42.857823; -88.500460 (Farmhouse wellhouse)
Greenhouse Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′29″N 88°30′00″W / 42.858095°N 88.499865°W / 42.858095; -88.499865 (Greenhouse)
Machinery building Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′30″N 88°30′00″W / 42.858327°N 88.499957°W / 42.858327; -88.499957 (Machinery building)
Maintenance building Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′33″N 88°30′07″W / 42.859052°N 88.501964°W / 42.859052; -88.501964 (Maintenance building)
Maintenance shed Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′31″N 88°30′07″W / 42.858658°N 88.501923°W / 42.858658; -88.501923 (Maintenance shed)
Maintenance shed Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′33″N 88°30′08″W / 42.859065°N 88.502321°W / 42.859065; -88.502321 (Maintenance shed)
Picnic Shelter Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°29′35″W / 42.857824°N 88.493041°W / 42.857824; -88.493041 (Picnic Schelter)
Public Restrooms
(German Area)
Service/Admin/Misc 42°52′01″N 88°29′55″W / 42.866813°N 88.498577°W / 42.866813; -88.498577 (Restrooms)
Public Restrooms
(Norwegian Area)
Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′28″N 88°29′34″W / 42.857850°N 88.492655°W / 42.857850; -88.492655 (Restrooms)
Rustic Restrooms Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′53″N 88°29′25″W / 42.864614°N 88.490286°W / 42.864614; -88.490286 (Restrooms) OWW-Finnish - Rustic Restrooms.jpg
Storage Barn Service/Admin/Misc 42°51′33″N 88°29′56″W / 42.859129°N 88.498792°W / 42.859129; -88.498792 (Barn)
Tram stop shelter Service/Admin/Misc 42°52′05″N 88°29′23″W / 42.867992°N 88.489835°W / 42.867992; -88.489835 (Tram stop)
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