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This is a list of political parties in the United Kingdom.

Parties in England

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All of the English parties except for the Green Party contest elections in England, Scotland and Wales. Parties represented in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom or the European Parliament are:

Parties in Scotland

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There are 2 types of parties in Scotland; Nationalists and Unionists. Nationalists want to create an independent Scotland, free from the United Kingdom and Unionists want to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. Parties represented in the Scottish parliament are:

Nationalist Parties

Unionist Parties

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Parties in Wales

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Parties represented in the Welsh Assembly are:

Parties in Northern Ireland

Flag of Northern Ireland

There are two main types of political parties in Northern Ireland; Republicans and Unionists. Republicans want Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and join with the Republic of Ireland. Unionists want to keep Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and there are parties who are open-minded about the issue. Parties represented in the Northern Ireland Assembly are:

Minor Political Parties in the United Kingdom

These parties are listed by the share of the vote they received at the last general election.

  • British National Party - A far-right party which promotes policies of anti-immigration, right-wing populism and Third position economics.
  • English Democrats - An England-only party that promotes federalism, conservatism and the separation of England from Scotland and Wales.
  • Respect Party - A left-wing party in England and Wales that promotes Socialism, Trade unionism, Environmentalism and Eco-socialism.
  • Traditional Unionist Voice - A right-wing party in Northern Ireland that promotes Social conservatism, Euroscepticism, British unionism and the abolition of the all-party government in Northern Ireland.
  • Christian Party - A right-wing party that promotes Christian values and Conservative Christianity.
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition - A left-wing alliance of parties including the Socialist Party of England and Wales, the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Resistance and Solidarity.
  • National Front - A far-right party that promotes fascism, British nationalism and a belief that the UK should only have White people living in it.
  • Socialist Labour Party - A left-wing socialist and Eurosceptic party.
  • Liberal Party - A centrist party that promotes liberalism and Euroscepticism.
  • Christian Peoples Alliance - A centrist party that promotes Christian democracy.
  • Mebyon Kernow (In English:Sons of Cornwall) - A centre-left party that wants to establish a Cornish Assembly.
  • Socialist Alternative - A far-left Trotskyist party.
  • Trust Party - A party that campaigned for trust in politicians in wake of the 2009 expenses scandal.
  • The Official Monster Raving Loony Party - A party that promotes parties and highlights the stupidity of other more mainstream political parties.
  • Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) - A Scotland-only left-wing party that promotes socialism, environmentalism and Scottish Independence.
  • Alliance for Green Socialism - A left-wing socialist and environmentalist party.
  • Social Democratic Party - A centre-left party which promotes social democracy.
  • Pirate Party - A party which promotes reforms on copyright and privacy laws.
  • Communist Party of Britain - A far-left communist and Marxist party.
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