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Protection means when any group of people or things try to defend the people or things that they care about (so that they would not get hurt). Protection can also mean other things, for example:

  • Civil protection, or civil defense, protecting life, health, property and environment of citizens
  • Environmental protection, is a political action that is to do with protecting nature by preservation (keeping them), and restoration (making something that was lost to come back)
  • Contraception (euphemism)
  • Protectionism, in world trade, making people stop buying what other countries make, so they must buy things made in their own country
  • Protective clothing, clothing that protect the body from danger
  • A protectorate, in politics and history, is the protector (the person who protects), for example:
  • Protection (album), a 1994 album by the group Massive Attack
  • Protection (song), a song by trip-hop band Massive Attack. It was released in 1995
  • Protection (band) is an American band, based in San Francisco
  • The Protection of the Mother of God, a feast day in the Eastern Orthodox Church

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