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A dodecahedron, one of the five Platonic solids

In mathematics, a regular polytope is the generalisation of the regular polygon. Like other polytopes it may have any natural number of dimensions. For example, a two-dimensional regular polytope is a regular polygon, and a three-dimensional regular polytope is a regular polyhedron. Like with the regular polygon, there are certain kinds of symmetries. Regular polytopes have regular facets (faces to speak from the 3D viewpoint), and their vertex figures are regular.

The simplest of the six convex regular 4-polytopes are the pentachoron and tesseract.

Regular simplices

Graphs of the 1-simplex to 4-simplex.
1-simplex t0.svg 2-simplex t0.svg 3-simplex t0.svg 4-simplex t0.svg
Line segment Triangle Tetrahedron Pentachoron
  Regular triangle.svg Tetrahedron.svg Schlegel wireframe 5-cell.png

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