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Romeroville Sandstone
Stratigraphic range: Cenomanian
Romeroville Roadcut.jpg
Romeroville Sandstone beds resting on Pajarito Formation, I-25 road cut, Romeroville, New Mexico, USA
Type Formation
Unit of Dakota Group
Underlies Graneros Shale
Overlies Pajarito Formation
Thickness up to 9 m (30 ft)
Primary Sandstone
Other Siltstone
Coordinates 35°31′33″N 105°14′17″W / 35.5258°N 105.2380°W / 35.5258; -105.2380
Region New Mexico
Country  United States
Type section
Named for Settlement of Romeroville, New Mexico
Named by Kues and Lucas
Year defined 1987

The Romeroville Sandstone is a geologic formation in northeastern New Mexico. It likely was deposited in the Cenomanian Age of the Cretaceous Period.


The formation consists of yellow-gray quartz sandstone with minor siltstone. The sandstone is planar crossbedded and bioturbated and locally pebbly. It overlies the Pajarito Formation and is in turn overlain by the Graneros Shale. Maximum thickness is 9 meters (30 ft).

The formation is interpreted as the onset of a marine transgression of the Greenhorn cycle.

History of investigation

The formation was first named by Kues and Lucas in 1987 for previously undivided Dakota Group beds at the Romeroville Gap. Kues and Lucas also identified it at Clayton Lake and in the valley of the Dry Cimarron.

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