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Salvador (meaning "saviour" in Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese) may refer to:


Given name

  • Salvador Allende (1908−1973), deposed president of Chile
  • Salvador Bacarisse (1898−1963), Spanish composer
  • Salva Ballesta (born 1975), Spanish footballer
  • Salvador Dalí (1904−1989), Spanish surrealist painter
  • Salvador Espriu (1913−1985), Spanish poet
  • Salvador Gómez (water polo) (born 1968), Spanish water polo player
  • Salvador Gonzáles Escalona (born 1948), Cuban artist
  • Salvador González Marco (born 1963), Spanish footballer
  • Salvador Laurel (1928−2004), Philippine politician
  • Salvador Luria (1912−1991), Italian-American scientist
  • Salvador de Madariaga (1886−1978), Spanish writer
  • Salvador Novo (1904−1974), Mexican writer
  • Salvador Pineda (born 1952), Mexican actor
  • Salvador Puig Antich (1948−1974), Spanish anarchist executed by garrote under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco
  • Salvador Sánchez (1959−1982), Mexican boxer

Family name

  • António Salvador (athlete) (born 1966), Portuguese long-distance runner
  • Bryce Salvador (born 1976), Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman
  • Francis Salvador (1747−1776), Jewish-American patriot
  • Gregorio Salvador Caja (born 1927), Spanish linguist
  • Henri Salvador (1917−2008), French singer and jazz guitarist
  • Joseph Salvador (1716−1786), head of the British East India Company, leader of the Sephardic community in Great Britain, and great-grandfather of Francis Salvador
  • Dr. Salvador, fictional character in Resident Evil 4



  • Salvador Mazza, Salta, a city in the province of Salta
  • Universidad del Salvador (USAL), a Jesuit university in Buenos Aires


El Salvador


  • Tevego, known as Villa del Divino Salvador in 1843, a settlement in the Concepción Department


  • El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, a city in the province of Misamis Oriental
  • Salvador, Lanao del Norte, a municipality in the province of Lanao del Norte
  • Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, a municipality in the province of Negros Occidental

United States

United Kingdom

  • Salvador Settlement, a community in the Falkland Islands
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