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Slender velvet bush
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Lasiopetalum baueri, commonly known as slender velvet bush, is a common shrub of the mallow family. It was first described by Joachim Steetz in 1806. It was named for the 19th century botanical artist Ferdinand Bauer.

Lasiopetalum baueri is a small densely foliaged spreading shrub 0.3–1.5 m (12–59 in) high and 1–2.5 m (3.3–8.2 ft) wide. The new growth is prominently covered with red-brown hair. The grey-green leaves are linear or oblong and measure 1.5–6 cm (0.59–2.36 in) long by 0.5 cm (0.20 in) wide. The margins are recurved. Hairy below, they become smooth above over time. Flowering occurs mainly in spring, from August to October, and can be profuse, the one to six flowered cymes are densely covered with hair, the pinkish calyces are around 1.2 cm (0.47 in) in diameter and densely hairy on the outside and pink, white or green and less hairy inside.

It is found in southern South Australia, central and western Victoria, southwestern New South Wales, where it is confined to the vicinity of Rankins Springs, and in the north-east of Tasmania. It grows in mallee communities or coastal cliffs on sandy soil over limestone, the top layer of soil often neutral to acidic, while the subsoil is highly alkaline.

Lasiopetalum baueri can be readily grown in dryer climates in well-drained soils and sunny aspects, and is used as a windbreak or hedge. It responds well to being pruned. It was introduced into cultivation in England in 1868. The dried flowers are long-lasting and have potential as a cut flower.

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