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South Fork Feather River
Country United States
State California
Region Middle Fork Feather Watershed
Physical characteristics
River mouth Ponderosa ReservoirA
Butte County
Basin features
Basin size 116 sq mi (300 km2).
APrior to Oroville Dam construction, the South Fork flowed to the Middle Fork Feather River.

The South Fork Feather River is a Lake Oroville tributary in the south portion of the Middle Fork Feather Watershed which drains several reservoirs including Little Grass Valley Reservoir.

Course of the South Fork Feather River & Lake Oroville South Arm
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description coordinates
headwaters headpoint, Pilot Peak 39°47′00″N 120°52′08″W / 39.783213°N 120.868793°W / 39.783213; -120.868793 (Pilot Peak)

39°46′48″N 120°52′26″W / 39.7798938°N 120.8738388°W / 39.7798938; -120.8738388
South Fork source, SSW of peak
road, La Porte
South Fork
in Little Grass Valley Reservoir
inflow, reservoir 39°44′48″N 120°58′09″W / 39.74653°N 120.969172°W / 39.74653; -120.969172 (reservoir)
confluence, Black Rock Creek
inflow, diversion from Slate Creek
confluence, Tooms Creek
dam, Little Grass Valley 39°43′30″N 121°01′12″W / 39.725013°N 121.020112°W / 39.725013; -121.020112
South Fork border, Plumas/Butte counties
confluence, Post Creek 39°46′48″N 120°52′26″W / 39.7798938°N 120.8738388°W / 39.7798938; -120.8738388 (Post Creek confluence)
dam, South Fork Diversion 63-004 39°38′55″N 121°07′06″W / 39.648658°N 121.118431°W / 39.648658; -121.118431 (South Fork Diversion dam)
confluence, Rock Creek 39°37′13″N 121°08′29″W / 39.620268°N 121.141434°W / 39.620268; -121.141434 (Rock Creek confluence)
confluence, Know-nothing Creek 39°35′07″N 121°10′17″W / 39.585252°N 121.171303°W / 39.585252; -121.171303 (Know-nothing Creek confluence)
confluence, Lost Creek 39°33′50″N 121°11′25″W / 39.563816°N 121.190186°W / 39.563816; -121.190186 (Lost Creek confluence)
dam 39°33′06″N 121°12′36″W / 39.551574°N 121.210055°W / 39.551574; -121.210055 (dam)
confluence, Oroleve Creek 39°32′55″N 121°12′58″W / 39.548563°N 121.215978°W / 39.548563; -121.215978 (Oroleve Creek confluence)
dam 39°32′18″N 121°15′04″W / 39.538453°N 121.25105°W / 39.538453; -121.25105 (dam)

39°32′55″N 121°16′39″W / 39.54861°N 121.27750°W / 39.54861; -121.27750
Reservoir &
Lake Oroville
South Arm
mouth, South F @ Ponderosa Reservoir
dam, Ponderosa Reservoir 39°32′57″N 121°18′13″W / 39.54925°N 121.303482°W / 39.54925; -121.303482 (Ponderosa Reservoir)
road, Ponderosa Way 39°32′58″N 121°18′13″W / 39.549572°N 121.303568°W / 39.549572; -121.303568 (Ponderosa Way crossing)
inflow, L Oroville South Arm 39°33′00″N 121°18′17″W / 39.550126°N 121.304641°W / 39.550126; -121.304641 (Lake Oroville inflow)
confluence, Sucker Run 39°33′00″N 121°18′42″W / 39.549953°N 121.311765°W / 39.549953; -121.311765 (Sucker Run confluence)
road, Lumpkin 39°32′11″N 121°20′23″W / 39.536483°N 121.339746°W / 39.536483; -121.339746 (Lumpkin Road crossing)
channel @ Enterprise Boat Ramp (BR)
former town, Enterprise

confluence, Powell Creek

39°32′11″N 121°21′51″W / 39.53639°N 121.36417°W / 39.53639; -121.36417 (Enterprise, California)
channel @ Stringtown Car-Top BR

39°33′5″N 121°25′20″W / 39.55139°N 121.42222°W / 39.55139; -121.42222
to Lake
mouth (former), South F w/ Middle F
outflow, Lake Oroville East Arm

road, Olive Hwy (CA 162)
inflow, Lake Oroville Main Basin

39°33′01″N 121°25′48″W / 39.550317°N 121.430082°W / 39.550317; -121.430082 (Lake Oroville East Arm to Main Basin)
former confluence, North F w/ Feather r 39°33′20″N 121°28′0″W / 39.55556°N 121.46667°W / 39.55556; -121.46667 (former confluence with North Fork)
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