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Speed is the rate of motion, change, or activity.

Speed may also mean:

  • Speed (name), a list of people and fictional characters with the surname, given name or nickname


United States


Arts and entertainment

Amusement rides

  • Speed (ride), a pendulum fair ride
  • Speed: No Limits, a roller coaster at Oakwood Theme Park in Wales
  • Speed – The Ride, a roller coaster formerly at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Movie and television

  • Speed (serial), a 1922 movie serial directed by George B. Seitz
  • Speed (1936 movie), an American movie starring James Stewart
  • Speed (1983 movie), a Soviet movie directed by Dmitry Svetozarov
  • Speed (1984 movie), an IMAX documentary
  • Speed (1994 movie), an American movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
  • Speed (2007 movie), an Indian movie starring Zayed Khan and Urmila Matondkar
  • Speed (2015 movie), a South Korean movie written and directed by Lee Sang-woo
  • Speed (Australian TV network), a defunct motorsport network
  • Speed (TV network), a defunct American motorsports and automobiles channel
  • Speed (TV series), a 2001 British series about fast vehicles


  • Speed metal or "speed", a subgenre of heavy metal music
  • Speedcore or "speed", a subgenre of hardcore techno
  • Speed (Japanese band), a female vocal/dance group
  • Speed (South Korean band), a group created from members of Coed School
  • "Speed" (Billy Idol song), 1994
  • "Speed" (Buck-Tick song), 1991
  • "Speed" (Montgomery Gentry song), 2002
  • "Speed" (Zazie song), 2018
  • "Speed", a song by Bond from Shine, 2002


  • Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Speed (card game), a shedding game
  • Speed (Marvel Comics), a fictional superhero
  • Speed (novel), a 1970 novel by William S. Burroughs Jr.

Other uses

  • Speed (finance), in quantitative finance, a third-order Greek
  • J. B. Speed School of Engineering, formerly Speed Scientific School, at the University of Louisville
  • Lens speed, the maximum aperture or light-gathering ability of an optical system
  • Transmission (mechanics), a gear or sprocket configuration
  • Independence Speed Tandem, a German paraglider design
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