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The Spokesman Review Is a newspaper based in Spokane, Washington, in the United States. It is a broadsheet newspaper, meaning it is a lot longer than it is wide. A new one is written every day. It is Spokane's only daily newspaper.


The Spokesman-Review was started when two old newspapers merged (meaning they joined together to make one). Those newspapers were called Spokane Falls Review and Spokesman, and they were merged in 1893. The first newspaper to be printed as The Spokesman-Review happened in June 29, 1894. It used to published three different newspapers each day: one for Spokane, one for Spokane Valley, and one for Northern Idaho. However, downsizing in 2007 caused The Spokesman-Review to only print one paper a day from then on.

The Spokesman-Review is thought to lean Liberal, especially when it involves opinions on city hall and hate-groups in the Eastern Washington-Northern Idaho area. Those hate groups didn't like that. In 1997, three far right militants were convicted of bombing the Spokane Valley office of The Spokesman-Review.

The Spokesman-Review is owned by Cowles Publishing Company. Cowles also owns KHQ-TV, a news station in Spokane. This makes The Spokesman-Review one of only a few family-owned newspapers in the United States. However, Cowles gets criticized for allegedly using its many news outlets to affect public opinion, and this makes The Spokesman-Review criticized for the same reasons. Once, something called "the River Park Square garage issue" occurred, in which Cowles could have made $20 million for affecting public opinion. An independent review by the Washington News Council showed that The Spokesman-Review did have bias on the issue.

The Spokesman-Review is Washington State's third most read newspaper. Only the Seattle Times in Seattle and the News-Tribune in Tacoma are read by more people.

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