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Ufeus satyricus
Ufeus satyricus satyricus male.jpg
Ufeus satyricus satyricus male
Ufeus satyricus satyricus female.jpg
Ufeus satyricus satyricus female
Scientific classification
U. satyricus
Binomial name
Ufeus satyricus
Grote, 1873
  • Asterocampus barometricus Goossens, 1881
  • Ufeus sagittarius Grote, 1883
  • Ufeus electra Smith, 1908
  • Ufeus unicolor ab. coloradica Strand, [1916]
  • Ufeus unicolor coloradica McDunnough, 1938

Ufeus satyricus is a moth in the family Noctuidae. It occurs across central and southern Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific where large poplar trees occur and as far south in the east as Pennsylvania and Illinois. In the west, it occurs as far south as southern Arizona and California.

Ufeus satyricus sagittarius male1
Ufeus satyricus sagittarius male
Ufeus satyricus sagittarius female
Ufeus satyricus sagittarius female

The length of the forewings is 15–22 mm for males and 19–24 mm for females. Adults emerge from the pupae in the summer and overwinter as adults, but they are mostly collected between late August and early May, even during mild spells in mid-winter. Most records are in October and November in the fall and March and April in the spring.

The larvae have been reported feeding on cottonwood.


  • Ufeus satyricus satyricus (from eastern North America westward to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains)
  • Ufeus satyricus sagittarius Grote, 1883 (from the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Montana, and Colorado westward to the Pacific Coast)
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