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Ynys Bery
Ynys Bery from Ramsey Island.png
Ynys Bery from Ramsey Island
County Pembrokeshire
St David's and the Cathedral Close community
Population 0

Ynys Bery is a small island south of Ramsey Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the community of St David's and the Cathedral Close.


The island's name in Welsh means falcon's Island, according to an 1852 book, but an earlier work of 1811 by Richard Fenton calls it the kite's island.


Fenton, in 1811, describes the island, and its neighbour Ynys y Cantwr:

...with high craggy cliffs, producing a thick matted herbage mixed with scurvy-grass and the sea pink, affording pasture for a few sheep, and stocked with rabbits, puffins, elygogs, gulls and other sea fowl.

In 1903, the S.S. Graffoe (a 2,996-ton steamship bound from Glasgow to Montevideo with 3,800 tons of coal) struck Ramsey Island and sank at the northern end of Ynys Bery. The wreck lies at a depth of 15 metres, and is one of many Pembrokeshire wrecks popular with divers.


Ynys Bery's highest point is 71 metres (233 feet), the highest of Wales's islets.

Flora and fauna

Together with neighbouring Ynys Cantwr, Ynys Bery is a breeding ground for lesser black-backed gulls. In the spring the island is covered with pale blue squill.

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