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Yummy Yummy
Yummy Yummy Album.jpg
Studio album by
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Studio Noisegate Studios and Tracking Station Studios
Genre Children's music
Length 28:06
Label ABC (AUS)
Lyrick Studios (US)
Koch Records (US)
Producer Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page
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Yummy Yummy
Big Red Car

Yummy Yummy is the fourth album from the Wiggles; it was released in 1994 by ABC Music distributed by EMI. A companion video was also made in 1994, and it was re-recorded in 1998.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by (or trad arr. by) M. Cook, J. Fatt, A. Field and G. Page except spoken and listed below. 


source Yummy Yummy album booklet, 1994:

The Wiggles

  • Murray Cook – guitar, bass guitar, vocal
  • Anthony Field – vocal, guitar, bass guitar
  • Jeff Fatt – piano, organ, accordion, vocal
  • Greg Page – vocal, guitar

Additional musicians

  • Tony Henry - drums, percussion
  • Greg Truman - vocals
  • Peter Mackie - guitar
  • Trina Leigh - children's voices
  • Allison O'Brien - children's voices

Release information

The CD was released in 1994 under EMI Records, ABC for Kids: 8143372


In the United States, the album reached number 31 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers and number 29 on their Top Independent Albums charts.


Yummy Yummy
The Wiggles are in four different colour squares with Dorothy in the middle inside a circle.
Yummy Yummy cover
Directed by Tim Finlay
Written by The Wiggles
Music by The Wiggles
Distributed by Roadshow Entertainment / ABC Video
Release date(s) October 1994
Running time 40 minutes
Country Australia

Yummy Yummy, released in 1994, is the second video by the Australian children's band the Wiggles. It is the first Wiggles video to feature chroma key backgrounding.

Songs and skits

This is the song and skits list for the original 1994 version:

  1. Hot Potato
  2. Shaky Shaky
  3. Teddy Bear Hug
  4. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur)
    * Greg's magic show skit
  5. I Am a Dancer
  6. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
  7. Numbers Rhumba
  8. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  9. The Monkey Dance
  10. Henry's Dance
  11. Walk
  12. Dorothy's Birthday Party (Short Story)


The WIGGLES are:

Also Featuring:

  • Sue McAuley as Vanessa the Dancer
  • Sue McAuley and Jacqueline Fallon as Dorothy's Helpers
  • Vanessa Fallon-Rohanna and Darren Phillips as Henry's Helpers
  • John Patrick Field as John the Cook
  • John William Field as Captain Feathersword's Helper
  • Vanessa Fallon-Rohanna as Lucy Fixit

Thanks to the Children & Parents: Michael, Kathleen, Christopher & Andrew Lawrence; Peter, Lorraine, Julia & Yvette Martinovich; Kay Ritchie; Sophie, Sam, Claire & Janine Pickels; Brandon Johnson; Patricia Zavattaro; Nicholas, Maureen, & Raymond Hull; Sarah Al Amri; Meg Munro & Georgia Munro-Cook; Paul, Pauline, Clare, Luke, Joseph & Dominic Field; Roger, Maria, Sofia, Leonardo & Anthony Silvestrini; Tony, Wendy, Timothy & James Rioseco.

Later video releases

In 2018, the 1994 video version of Yummy Yummy were released in multiple segments on their YouTube channel as Classic Wiggles.

1998 re-recording

Yummy Yummy (re-recording)
Directed by Chisholm McTavish
Produced by Nick Pike
Written by The Wiggles
Music by The Wiggles
Editing by Tony Douglass
Steve Rees
Chisholm McTavish
Distributed by Roadshow Entertainment / ABC Video
Release date(s) 1998
Running time 36 minutes
Country Australia

The video was remade and released in 1998 after the theatrical and video releases of The Wiggles Movie and the video release of Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas. Some of the skits such as the short story for Dorothy's Birthday Party were removed. Two new songs, "Pufferbillies" and "Havenu Shalom Alechem", were added. In the North American and UK versions, "Teddy Bear Hug" and "Numbers Rhumba" were replaced by videos featuring the Wiggle Puppets, which are actually from The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video. The Wiggles use logos on their shirts. Anthony wears a blue shirt instead of a green one. Paul Paddick plays Captain Feathersword. Wags the Dog was also featured in the video. Paul Hester, a former drummer for Split Enz and Crowded House, guest starred as Paul the Cook, and was featured in "Fruit Salad".

Songs and skits

Australian version

  1. Hot Potato
  2. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur)
  3. Pufferbillies
  4. Henry's Dance
  5. Walk
  6. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  7. The Monkey Dance
  8. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
  9. Shaky Shaky
  10. Teddy Bear Hug
  11. Havenu Shalom Alechem
  12. I Am A Dancer
    * Greg's Magic Show skit
  13. Numbers Rhumba
  14. Fruit Salad

North American / UK version

  1. Hot Potato
  2. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur)
  3. Pufferbillies
  4. Henry's Dance
  5. Walk
  6. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  7. The Monkey Dance
  8. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
  9. Shaky Shaky
  10. Wigglemix (Wiggle Puppets)
  11. Havenu Shalom Alechem
  12. I Am A Dancer
    * Greg's Magic Show skit
  13. Go Captain Feathersword Ahoy! (Wiggle Puppets)
  14. Fruit Salad


Paul Hester played the chef in the video.

Names are presented in the order of the closing credits.

The Wiggles are:

Also featuring:

  • Leeanne Ashley as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword
  • Edward Rooke as Wags the Dog
  • Donna Halloran and Leanne Halloran as Henry the Octopus
  • Paul Hester as The Chef

Dancing Children:

  • Cassandra Halloran
  • Jessica Halloran
  • Joseph Field
  • Clare Field
  • Sian Ryan
  • Emma Ryan

The young children appearing were:

  • Dominic Field
  • Ceili Moore
  • Tara Fitzgerald
  • Josephine Perez
  • Thomas Holloway
  • Sophie Holloway
  • Christopher Powell
  • Ned Pike
  • Freya Pike
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