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Ōan (応安), also romanized as Ō-an, was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) of the Northern Court during the Nanboku-chō period after Jōji and before Eiwa. This period started in February 1368 and ended in February 1375. The pretenders in Kyoto were Emperor Go-Kōgon (後光厳天皇 Go-Kōgon-tennō) and Emperor Go-En'yū (後円融天皇 Go-En'yū-tennō) The Southern Court rivals in Yoshino during this time were Emperor Go-Murakami (後村上天皇 Go-Murakami-tennō) and Emperor Chōkei (長慶天皇 Chōkei-tennō).

Events of the Ōan era

  • 29 March 1368 (Ōan 1, 21st day of the 2nd month): Emperor Go-Murakami died; and his oldest son received the succession.
  • 1370 (Ōan 3): Imagawa Sadayo sent to subdue Kyūshū.
  • 1373-1406 (Ōan 6Ōei 13): Embassies between China and Japan.
  • 1374 (Ōan 7): En'yū became the head of the Northern Court.

Southern Court nengō

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