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For the Japanese era from 931 through 938, see Jōhei.

Shōhei (正平) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) of the Southern Court during the Nanboku-chō period after Kōkoku and before Kentoku. This period started in December 1346 and ended in July 1370.

The monarchs during this time were Emperor Go-Murakami (後村上天皇, Go-Murakami-tennō) and Emperor Chōkei (長慶天皇, Chōkei-tennō). The Northern Court pretenders in Kyoto were Emperor Kōmyō (光明天皇, Kōmyō-tennō), Emperor Sukō (崇光天皇, Sukō-tennō) and Emperor Go-Kōgon (後光厳天皇, Go-Kōgon-tennō).

Events of the Shōhei era

  • 2 December 1348 (Shōhei 3, 11th day of the 11th month): Former-Emperor Hanazono died.
  • 1349 (Shōhei 4): Go-Murakami fled to A'no.
  • 1350 (Kannō 5): Yoshinori guarded Kyoto.
  • 13501352 (Shōhei 5–7): Armed conflict, variously known as the Kannō disturbance or Kannō incident (観応擾乱, Kannō Jōran) or Kannō no Juran.
  • 1352 (Shōhei 7): Emperor Go-Murakami captured former-emperors Kōgon, Kōmyō and Sukō; and they were permitted to return to Kyoto in 1357 (Shōhei 12).
  • 1354 (Shōhei 9): Kitabatake Chikafusa dies.
  • 1358 (Shōhei 13): Death of Ashikaga Takauji; Ashikaga Yoshiakira was appointed as the new shogun.
  • 1361 (Shōhei 16): Snowfall was unusually heavy; and there was also a disastrous fire in Kyoto as well as a violent earthquake.
  • 1368 (Shōhei 23): Ashikaga Yoshimitsu became the third shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate.
  • 29 March 1368 (Shōhei 23, 11th day of the 3rd month): Go-Murakami died; and his oldest son received the succession.

Northern Court nengō

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