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1st Wyoming Territorial Legislature
Thomas McLeland Building.png
The Thomas McLeland Building where the Council met on the second floor
Legislative body Wyoming Legislature
Jurisdiction Wyoming Territory, United States
Meeting place Thomas McLeland Building
Arcade Building
Term 1869–1871
Wyoming Council
Members 9 Senators
President of the Council William H. Bright
Party control Democratic
Wyoming House of Representatives
Members 13 Representatives
Speaker of the House S. M. Curran
Party control Democratic

The 1st Wyoming Territorial Legislature was a meeting of the Wyoming Legislature that lasted from October 12 to December 10, 1869. This was the first meeting of the territorial legislature following the creation of the Wyoming Territory by the United States Congress.



On July 25, 1868, the United States Congress approved the Wyoming Organic Act which created the Wyoming Territory with land from the Dakota, Utah, and Idaho territories. At the time of the territory's formation there were four counties; Albany, Carbon, Carter, and Laramie counties. On September 2, 1869, the first legislature elections were held where the Democratic Party won all of the seats in the Council and House of Representatives.


Wyoming women's suffrage bill
The legislation passed by the Wyoming Territorial Legislature giving women the right to vote.

The first session of the Wyoming territorial legislature occurred from October 12, to December 10, 1869. The upper house Council met in the Thomas McLeland Building and the House of Representatives met in the Arcade Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming. On October 12, John H. Howe, Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court, inaugurated the twenty-one members of the territorial legislature.

William H. Bright was selected to serve as the President of the Council and S. M. Curran was selected to serve as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Council convened with two members missing, W. S. Rockwell and George Wilson Jr., who would later arrive on October 15 and October 27. The House of Representatives convened with five members missing, with four of them arriving by November 23, but Representative J. M. Freeman never arrived.


During the legislative session legislation giving women the right to vote was introduced by William Bright in the Council. On December 6, 1869, Council voted seven to two in favor and the House of Representatives voted seven to four in favor. On December 10, Governor John Allen Campbell signed the legislation into law. Amalia Post, a leader in the woman suffrage movement, was largely instrumental in having the franchise granted women in Wyoming Territory by the 1st Wyoming Territorial Legislature.

The legislature passed legislation renaming Carter County to Sweetwater and created Uinta County.



Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
Beginning of 1st Legislature 9 0 9 0
Latest voting share 100% 0%

Members of the Wyoming Council

Senator Party Counties represented
James W. Brady Democratic Albany
William H. Bright Democratic Carter
Frederick Laycock Democratic Albany
T. D. Murrin Democratic Laramie
T. W. Poole Democratic Laramie
W. S. Rockwell Democratic Carter
George Wardman Democratic Carter
J. R. Whitehead Democratic Laramie
George Wilson Democratic Carbon

House of Representatives

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
Beginning of 1st Legislature 12 0 13 1
Latest voting share 100% 0%

Members of the Wyoming House of Representatives

Representative Party Counties represented
J. C. Abney Democratic Laramie
S. M. Curran Democratic Carbon
J. N. Douglas Democratic Albany
J. M. Freeman Democratic
Herman Haas Democratic
William Herrick Democratic Albany
John Holbrook Democratic
James Menafee Democratic Carter
Louis Miller Democratic Albany
Howard Sebree Democratic
Benjamin Sheeks Democratic Carter
J. C. Strong Democratic
Posey S. Wilson Democratic Laramie
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