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Millennium: 1st millennium
Centuries: 5th century6th century7th century
Decades: 500s  510s  520s  – 530s –  540s  550s  560s
Years: 530 531 532533 – 534 535 536


  • January 2John II becomes Pope, succeeding Pope Boniface II, who had died in 532.
  • Belisarius, a general in the service of Justinian I, lands in North Africa and attacks the Vandals.
  • September 13 – Battle of Ad Decimium: Belisarius defeats the Vandals under Gelimer. Gelimer, forced to flee, leaves Carthage unprotected.
  • December 15 – The Battle of Ticameron begins.
  • December – Battle of Ticameron: Belisarius defeats a new Vandal force under Gelimer and Tzazo. Tzazo is killed in an all-cavalry fight, and Gelimer flees to the mountains of Numidia.
  • December 16 – The Digesta or Pandectae, a collection of jurist writings and other sources, is completed (see Corpus Juris Civilis).
  • Theodebert I becomes king of Austrasia.

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