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Circus Circus logo.png
Circus Circus Las Vegas 20080322.jpg
Circus Circus Las Vegas & the Adventuredome in 2008
Slogan 5 Acres of Indoor Fun!
Location Winchester, Nevada, U.S.
Owner Phil Ruffin
Opened August 23, 1993; 28 years ago (1993-08-23)
Previous names Grand Slam Canyon (1993–1998)
Operating season All Year
Area 5 acres (0.020 km2)
Total 19
Roller coasters 3
Adventuredome logo (old)
Former Adventuredome logo
Adventuredome logo
Adventuredome logo (2011–2016)

Adventuredome (formerly Grand Slam Canyon) is a 5-acre (2.0 ha) indoor amusement park located at Circus Circus in Winchester, Nevada on the Las Vegas Strip. It is owned and operated by Phil Ruffin. The park is connected to the hotel inside a large glass dome, and currently offers 25 rides and attractions including the Canyon Blaster roller coaster, rock climbing wall, 18-hole miniature golf course, a video game arcade, clown shows, Xtreme Zone, Pikes Pass, Virtual Reality Zone, Midway Games, and carnival-type games. Because the park is enclosed, it is not affected by cold, rainy, or windy weather, unlike most theme parks, and is open year-round. Every October from 2003 until 2017, the Adventuredome was changed to Fright Dome as a Halloween-themed theme park.

The Adventuredome opened on August 23, 1993, in the west parking lot of the hotel. It sits on a reinforced 18" thick deck elevated 18 feet (5 m) above ground. The dome itself consists of over 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2) of pink tinted, insulated glass over a teal green space frame (to minimize structural poles inside). Each pane of glass weighs approximately 300 lb (140 kg).

Previous owners of Adventuredome were Mandalay Resort Group (formerly known as Circus Circus Enterprises) (1993–2005) and MGM Resorts International (formerly known as MGM Mirage) (2005–2019).


The park began construction in 1992 as a $75-$90 million project to introduce a family-friendly amusement park to Las Vegas. The building's dome design was created entirely out of pink tinted glass, with each pane weighing approximately 300 lb (140 kg). The dome itself consists of over 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2) of pink insulated glass placed over a teal green frame. Construction took a little over a year to complete, and the park was finally opened on August 23, 1993, as the "Grand Slam Canyon", a dinosaur-themed amusement park. Grand Slam Canyon originally featured four rides: the Canyon Blaster roller coaster, the Twist 'N' Shout water raft, the Rim Runner shoot the chutes, and the Hot Shotz Lazer Tag arena, now known as "Lazer Blast". The dinosaur theme consisted of eight large animatronic dinosaurs spread throughout the park, with visitors being able to read the informational placards in front of each one. Though visitors could not ride them, the dinosaurs often "interacted" with the visitors, with some spitting water on guests. Grand Slam Canyon, as indicated by its name, was also inspired by the Grand Canyon and originally featured river-rapid rides, two lagoonlike pools, a lazy creek and a re-creation of a pueblo.

Grand Slam Canyon was initially popular, but visitors often expressed their desire for more things to do. Tom Nolan, the vice president of theme park operations at Adventuredome, suggested that "it was a [matter] of what people wanted versus what they could do" and added that "there were a lot of animatronics, a lot of theming, but people said there weren't enough things to do." Following the feedback, the park was closed for 45 days beginning in April 1994 to remodel. During the remodeling, several family-friendly attractions were added, such as Midway shows, Canyon Cars (bumper cars), Sand Pirates (a swinging pirate ship), Miner Mike (a mini roller coaster), Thunderbirds (a mini airplane ride), and Drifters (a mini Ferris wheel). The Twist 'N' Shout water raft ride was removed to make way for several of these rides, solely due to its size, and the animatronic dinosaurs were removed to move away from the dinosaur theme (although remnants of the dinosaur and grand canyon themes still remain). After the remodeling, as space became available, rides were added to the theme park one or two at a time every few years. Near the laser tag arena, for example, management added a rock climbing wall and a miniature golf course. Though initially hesitant to add the golf course out of concern for the park's glass dome, as of July 29, 2014, there has not been a single golf ball incident.

The park was renamed "Adventuredome" on May 1, 1998. In 1999, management tried to keep up with the latest developments in the industry by consulting visitor surveys. This resulted in the addition of several dynamic thrill rides across the next few years, including the Inverter that same year, Chaos in 2001, the Frog Hopper in 2002 and the Sling Shot in 2004. On February 3, 2013, the Rim Runner was permanently closed to make way for a newer roller coaster named "El Loco". El Loco officially opened on February 18, 2014. Adventuredome became a $75-$90 million project.

Rides and attractions

The current and former attractions at the amusement park are provided below.



Current Name Picture Opening Date Manufacturer Minimum Height Requirements Description Ref(s)
Canyon Blaster Canyon Blaster.JPG August 23, 1993 Arrow Dynamics 48 inches The world's largest indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. This is an original park attraction.
El Loco El Loco Adventuredome Las Vegas.jpg February 18, 2014 S&S Worldwide 48 inches Only the 2nd of its kind in the United States, El Loco, a custom S&S coaster, took the place of the splash down pool of the Rim Runner ride.

Premium rides

Current Name Picture Opening Date Manufacturer Minimum Height Requirements Description Ref(s)
Chaos Adventuredome Chaos ride (3).JPG March 2001 Chance Morgan 48 inches Ride that spins while allowing each car to flip on its own axis while tilted to a 70 degree angle.
Disk'O Disk'O Adventuredome Las Vegas.jpg 2007 Zamperla 48 inches A ride where passengers sit on a spinning disk which rides along a half pipe track.
Extreme Ride Theatre – Featuring Angry Birds: The Ride 3by2white.svg 2018 SimEx-Iwerks 42 inches Motion Simulator Experience.
FX Theatre – Featuring SpongeBob SquarePants 4D: The Great Jelly Rescue! 3by2white.svg May 2013 SimEx-Iwerks 33 inches 4-D film experience replaced SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D in late May 2013.
FX Theatre – Featuring Ice Age No Time for Nuts 4D 3by2white.svg June 2016 SimEx-Iwerks 33 inches Replaced Dora & Diego 4d Catch that robot butterfly!
Inverter Inverter ride at the Adventuredome.jpg 1999 Chance Morgan 48 inches Ride that spins riders upside down.
Lazer Blast 3by2white.svg August 23, 1993 Unknown 42 inches Formerly known as "Hot Shots Lazer Tag." Laser tag arena built into the base of the park's signature mountain. This is an original park attraction.
Sling Shot Sling Shot ride at the Adventuredome.jpg 2004 Chance Morgan 48 inches 100' tall free fall ride that shoots riders upwards with 4G's of acceleration.

Large rides

Current Name Picture Opening Date Manufacturer Minimum Height Requirements Description Ref(s)
Canyon Cars 3by2white.svg May 1994 Zamperla 42 inches to ride, 54 inches to drive Bumper cars.
NebulaZ November 2020 Zamperla 42 inches to ride NebulaZ.
Sand Pirates Sand Pirates ride at the Adventuredome.jpg May 1994 Zamperla 33 inches Swinging pirate ship.

Junior rides

Current Name Picture Opening Date Manufacturer Minimum Height Requirements Description Ref(s)
Frog Hopper 3by2white.svg 2002 S&S Power 36–58 inches Shoot you up, hop you down ride.
Thunderbirds 3by2white.svg May 1994 Zamperla 36–58 inches An airplane carousel that flies through the air.

Family rides

Current Name Picture Opening Date Manufacturer Minimum Height Requirements Description Ref(s)
B.C. Bus 3by2white.svg Unknown Zamperla 42 inches A bus that goes up, down and around.
Circus Carousel Circus Carousel ride at the Adventuredome.jpg 1999 Chance Morgan 42 inches Carousel themed with circus animals. This ride was relocated in 2003.
Drifters Drifters ride Adventuredome.jpg May 1994 Zamperla 42 inches A hot air balloon themed Ferris wheel.
Road Runner 3by2white.svg Unknown Wisdom Rides 42 inches Mini-Himalaya that gives a wild trip going forwards and backwards.


Ride Name Picture Opening Date Closing Date Manufacturer Description
Dino Island 3by2white.svg c. May 2004 January 2006 SimEx-Iwerks
Dino Island II: Escape from Dino Island 3by2white.svg c. May 2004
(first opening date)
November or December 2009
(second opening date)
January 2006
(first closing date)
May 2011(second closing date)
SimEx-Iwerks This was a simulator in which one would rescue the last remaining dinosaur on earth. It was replaced with Happy Feet: Mumble's Wild Ride.
Extreme Log Ride! 3by2white.svg November or December 2009 May 2011 SimEx-Iwerks Motion Simulator Experience.
Fun House Express 3by2white.svg Unknown October or November 2004 SimEx-Iwerks Motion Simulator Experience.
Happy Feet: Mumble's Wild Ride 3by2white.svg May 2011 Unknown SimEx-Iwerks Motion simulator with scenes from Happy Feet.
Miner Mike 3by2white.svg May 1994 2019 Wisdom Rides A small children's coaster
Pacific Rim Motion Movie Experience 3by2white.svg June 2016 2018 SimEx-Iwerks Motion simulator with scenes from Pacific Rim.
ReBoot: The Ride 3by2white.svg April 2000 October or November 2004 SimEx-Iwerks Based on the TV series ReBoot.
Rim Runner 3by2white.svg August 23, 1993 February 3, 2013 Arrow Dynamics Shoot-the-Chutes with a 60-foot (18 m) drop. This was an original park attraction.
SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D 3by2white.svg May or June 2005 May 2013 SimEx-Iwerks A 4-D ride based on the television series, SpongeBob SquarePants.
Baja 3by2white.svg August 23, 1993 April 1994 Unknown Large water slide tower with two identical slides. Occupied area that is now home to Canyon Cars, Sand Pirates and midway games. This was an original park attraction.
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