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Alaska Native
Inuit man 1906.jpg
Inuit man
Total population
~106,660 (2006)
Regions with significant populations
American English, Haida, Tsimshian, Eskimo-Aleut languages, Chinook Jargon, Na-Dené languages, others
Shamanism (largely ex), Christianity

Alaska Natives are the indigenous peoples of Alaska. They include Inupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, Eyak, and some Northern Athabaskan cultures.


Early Indian Languages Alaska
Alaska Native Languages
Aia ak 100
American Indians and Alaska Natives in Alaska.

Below is a full list of the different Alaska Native cultures. Within each culture are many different tribes.

  • Athabascan
    • Ahtna
    • Deg Hit’an
    • Dena'ina
    • Gwich’in
    • Hän
    • Holikachuk
    • Kolchan
    • Koyukon
    • Lower Tanana
    • Tanacross
    • Upper Tanana
  • Eyak
  • Haida
  • Tlingit
  • Tsimshian
  • Eskimo
    • Inupiat (an Inuit people)
    • Yupik
      • Siberian Yupik
      • Yup'ik
        • Cup'ik
      • Sugpiaq (Alutiiq)
        • Chugach
        • Koniag
  • Aleut (in their own language they refer to themselves as Unangan)
  • Alutiiq

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