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In natural language and in cognitive decision-making, alternative is one of two things/(abstract or real objects)/actions which can be chosen. From a specific perspective/(point of view)/goal, alternatives are always equivalent.

In logic and mathematics, alternative is the element of logical disjunction.

In different contexts alternative (or Alternativism) may refer to :

  • Alternative rock, a style of rock music
  • Alternative algebra, an abstract algebra with alternative multiplication
  • Alternative comics, one of several labels applied to a range of comic strips and books
  • Alternative comedy, a range of styles used by comedians and writers in the 1980s
  • Alternative culture, a variety of subcultures outside or on the fringes of so-called accepted mainstream culture
  • Alternative dispute resolution, processes and techniques outside the traditional mainstream of jurisprudence
  • Alternative lifestyle, a lifestyle that it is not within the generally perceived cultural norm
  • Alternative media, media practices falling outside the mainstreams of corporate communication
  • Alternative medicine, methods and practices used in place of, or in addition to, conventional medical treatments
  • Alternative society, alternative models for society and social change
  • Alternative education, alternatives to traditional education
  • Alternative school, a school geared towards students whose needs cannot be met in the traditional school such as underachievers who do not qualify for special education, rather than educational alternatives for all students
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