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Republic of Ambazonia

Flag of Ambazonia
Motto: Independence, freedom
Anthem: "Hail Hail This Land of Glory"
Location of Ambazonia in red.
Location of Ambazonia in red.
Capital Buea
Official languages
Demonym(s) Ambazoni
Government Constitutional presidential republic
• President
Samuel Ikome Sako
• Vice-President
Ayuk Tabe
• Speaker of the House
Fon Gorji-Dinka
Legislature Parliament
House of Congress
House of Representatives
• Proclaimed
September 9 2017
• Recognition
• Total
137,600 km2 (53,100 sq mi)
• 2018 estimate
• Density
25/km2 (64.7/sq mi)
Currency Ambazonian coina (azc)
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+1 (not observed)
Date format d/m/yy (AD)
Driving side right
Calling code +237 (Cameroon)
Internet TLD .so
  1. Currency only valid for regional use.
Rankings unavailable as Ambazonia is unrecognised.

Ambazonia is an unrecognized state in west-central Africa. It borders the Cameroon to the east, Nigeria to the west.

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