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Amphorae stacking
Amphorae on display in Bodrum Castle, Turkey
Greek amphora, showing the goddess Athena
Amphora Dressel 1B
Dressel 1B type amphora
Key : 1 : rim - 2 : neck - 3 : handle - 4 : shoulder - 5 : belly or body - 6 : foot

In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, amphoras were used to transport liquids or grain. Amphores had two handles, used for carrying. Amphores existed in different sizes, between 5 litres and 50 litres. They were made of clay, or metal.

Most of the amphoras that now exist were made in the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. However, many were made long before then. Amphoras as old as 4500 BCE. have been found in China.

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