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Anastasius is a male given name. It is from the Greek ἀνάστασις (anastasis) meaning "resurrection". Its female form is Anastasia.

Proper name

Byzantine emperors

  • Anastasius I (emperor) – Byzantine emperor 491–518
  • Anastasios II (died 718) – Byzantine emperor 713–715


Other Christian saints and clergy

  • Saint Anastasius – a martyr under Nero
  • Saint Anastasius the Fuller – martyr (d. 304)
  • Anastasius of Antioch (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Saint Anastasius of Persia – Persian martyr (d. 628)
  • Saint Anastasius of Pavia– bishop of Pavia (d. 628)
  • Anastasius of Armenia – Catholicos of Armenia from 661 to 667
  • Saint Anastasius Sinaita (of Sinai) – theologian, Father of the Eastern Orthodox Church, monk, priest, and abbot of the monastery at Mt. Sinai (7th century)
  • Anastasius Bibliothecarius (c. 810–878) – librarian of the Church of Rome, scholar and statesman, sometimes identified as an Antipope
  • Astrik or Saint Anastasius of Pannonhalma – ambassador of Stephen I of Hungary (d. 1030)
  • Anastasius of Hungary (954-1044), Apostle to Hungary
  • Saint Anastasius of Lleida
  • St. Anastasius Cornicularius
  • Anastasius of Suppentonia – abbot (died 570)
  • Pope Anastasius of Alexandria – Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria 605–616
  • Patriarch Anastasius of Constantinople (I) – Patriarch of Constantinople 730–754
  • Anastasius Germonius – Archbishop of Tarantaise and canon lawyer (1551–1627)



  • Anton Alexander Graf von Auersperg (1806–1876) – Austrian poet who wrote under the pseudonym of Anastasius Grün.


  • Anastasius, a novel by Thomas Hope in the early 19th century.
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