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Anaxandridas II was a king of Sparta between 560 and 525 BC, and was the father of Leonidas I, king of Sparta.


Anaxandridas was a son of Leon of Sparta and also his successor. It is not known who Anaxandridas' mother is. His first wife was his niece.

Having a barren wife whom he would not divorce, the ephors, we are told, made him take with her a second. By her he had Cleomenes I, and after this, by his first wife he had Dorieus (father of Euryanas), famous Leonidas I, and Cleombrotus.

Several sayings are ascribed to him according to Plutarch.

Leon of Sparta
First wife
Anaxandridas II
Second wife
Leonidas I
Cleombrotus (regent)
Cleomenes I
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