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"And Then There Were 10"
Ben 10 episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Scooter Tidwell
Written by Thomas Pugsley
Production code 101
Original air date December 27, 2005 (2005-12-27)
Episode chronology
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"Washington B.C."
List of Ben 10 (2005 TV series) episodes

"And Then There Were 10" is the pilot episode of the animated television series Ben 10. It originally aired on Cartoon Network as a sneak peek on December 27, 2005 during Cartoon Network's "Sneak Peek Week" block, airing alongside other two Cartoon Network original series My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Robotboy, and acquired Canadian YTV series Zixx, before making its official series premiere on January 14, 2006. The episode, along with the rest of the episodes of the first season, was released on DVD on February 6, 2007.


Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old soccer athlete from the city of Bellwood, and his smart-mouth paternal twin cousin Gwen begin summer vacation on a cross-country road trip with their grandfather Max in his RV, the Rust Bucket, but first help Ben off a tree branch from which his school rivals Cash Murray and JT hang him by his underwear. While camping at Yosemite National Park, Max tries to cheer up his grandchildren with camp-based activities, but neither will participate and Ben wanders off into the woods. Meanwhile in Outer Space, Vilgax, a Chimera Sui Generis warlord regarded as one of the most feared beings in the Milky Way, is commanding his warship, the Chimerian Hammer, in pursuit of a small courier ship carrying the Omnitrix (a wristwatch-styled device capable of transforming the wearer into various alien species), intent on using it to equip an entire army under his control. As the battle reaches Earth's orbit, the deflector shields on both ships are disabled and the Hammer's bridge is hit by a powerful blast. Most of the courier ship is destroyed by return fire, but not before it jettisons the Omnitrix in a special pod that falls to Earth. Ben, who is very close to the pod's crash-landing, attempts to investigate, and the Omnitrix jumps out, fusing to his left wrist. After several attempts to get it off, he transforms into a Pyronite (dubbed Heatblast) and accidentally starts a forest fire. Max and Gwen notice the smoke from their campsite and try putting the flames out with fire extinguishers, but are surprised to recognize Heatblast and advise him absorb the fire via back-draft. All is explained back at the campsite as the Omnitrix times out, so Max leaves to search the pod for answers, warning his grandson against playing with the watch. Ben nevertheless disobeys despite getting caught by Gwen, and leaps back into the woods as a Vulpimancer (dubbed Wildmutt). Confined to a healing chamber, Vilgax sends a giant drone down to the crash site, where it destroys the pod and launches two smaller drones to search the area. They attack Wildmutt, who leaps atop one and sends it crashing into a cliff, whereas Gwen smashes the other with a shovel. Back at the Rust Bucket, Max lectures Ben for going behind his back, but the discussion is interrupted by a park ranger's radio report of the giant drone attacking a nearby RV camp. The Tennysons deduce the watch as its target and head over to the scene, where Ben tries to fend off the robot as a Petrosapien (dubbed Diamondhead) whilst Max and Gwen evacuate the campers. The droid tosses Diamondhead like a rag doll, and he gets distracted saving Gwen from a falling tree. Realizing its lasers can bounce off his silicon skin, he goads the robot into firing one at him, which he redirects to its upper body, destroying it. The defeat of his drone upsets Vilgax, who vows revenge against whoever is keeping the Omnitrix from him, but nonetheless waits until his wounds are fully healed. Ben returns to Bellwood overnight as a Kineceleran (dubbed XLR8) and hangs Cash and JT from a tree by their underwear as payback for the similar humiliation earlier. When he returns to Yosemite the next morning, Max and Gwen are packing up the Rust Bucket, so XLR8 helps speed the effort along in time to hit the road early.

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