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Atlas, most commonly means a collection of maps, traditionally bound into book form.

Atlas can mean:

Greek mythology

  • Atlas (Titan), a Titan who bore the spheres of the heavens; inspiring the widely used image of a man carrying a great sphere on his back or shoulders
  • Atlas, the first king of Atlantis


In astronomy:

  • Atlas (moon), a moon of Saturn
  • Atlas (crater), a prominent impact crater on the Moon
  • Atlas (star), a triple star system in the Pleiades cluster

In biology:

  • A book about flora and/or fauna of an area or region; for example, Atlases of the flora and fauna of Britain and Ireland
  • Atlas (anatomy), the topmost cervical vertebra of the human spine
  • Atlas Beetle, a rhinoceros beetle (Dynastinae) in the genus Chalcosoma
  • Attacus atlas (or Atlas moth), a large saturniid moth
  • Atlas Cedar, a large cedar tree native to the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco
  • Atlas Flycatcher, a bird in the an Old World Flycatcher family
  • Atlas Bear, a species of bear native to Africa, now extinct
  • Testudo atlas (or Atlas turtle), an extinct species of cryptodire turtle from the Pleistocene period

In physics:

  • ATLAS experiment, a particle detector for the LHC at CERN
  • Argonne Tandem Linear Accelerator System, a particle accelerator at the Argonne National Laboratory

In mathematics:

  • Atlas (topology), a collection of local coordinate charts in mathematics

Literature and press

  • Atlas Shrugged, a novel by Ayn Rand
  • Atlas, a book of photography by German artist Gerhard Richter
  • The Atlas (novel), by American author William T. Vollmann
  • Atlas publishing house for collector series (mainly automobile, plane and train miniatures), active in Switzerland, France and Italy
  • Atlas (magazine), Turkish monthly magazine on geography, environment, history and culture.


  • Atlas Computer (Manchester) (1962 - 1971), an early computer built at the University of Manchester
  • UNIVAC 1101, also known as the Atlas
    • UNIVAC 1103, also known as the Atlas II
  • ATLAS Transformation Language, an OMG standard for performing model transformations
  • ASP.NET AJAX (formerly codenamed "Atlas"), a set of ASP.NET extensions providing Ajax functionality
  • Atlas Terrain Engine, developed by Garage Games for use in their Torque Shader Engine
  • Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software more commonly known as ATLAS, an optimized BLAS implementation
  • Atlas.ti, a qualitative analysis software
  • Texture atlas



  • Atlas Games (company), a publisher of role-playing and card games
  • ATLAS (StarCraft), a fictional artificial intelligence in the StarCraft universe
  • Atlas (album), an album by Mexican electro-pop band Kinky
  • Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator, a large hydraulic motion simulator for the theme park industry
  • Atlas (band), a rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Atlas: Renaissance Voyager, the first in a series of videogames. (See also: Neo Atlas)
  • Atlas (Bioshock Character), A Dublin northsider who talks you through the game.


  • Atlas Comics (1950s), the company that evolved into Marvel Comics
  • Atlas (comics), a fictional character from Marvel Comics, best known as a member of the Thunderbolts
  • Atlas (comic series), a comic book series by Dylan Horrocks
  • Atlas/Seaboard Comics, a line of comics published by Seaboard Periodicals
  • Agents of Atlas, a Marvel Comics mini-series by Jeff Parker


  • Atlas Aircraft Corporation, South African military aircraft manufacturer
  • Atlas Telecom, a worldwide communications company
  • Atlas Elektronik GmbH, a naval/marine electronics and systems business based in Bremen, Germany
  • Atlas Van Lines, a moving van company
  • Atlas Air, a cargo airline based in Purchase, New York
  • Atlas Blue, a low-cost airline based in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Atlas Copco, a Swedish rock drill manufacturer
    • Polar Atlas historic Swedish diesel maker, later part of Atlas Copco
  • Atlas-Imperial, a historic American diesel engine builder
  • Atlas Model Railroad, maker of scale railroad models
  • Atlas Venture, an international early-stage venture capital firm
  • Atlas (light trucks), a Greek vehicle manufacturer
  • Atlasjet, an airline of Turkey

Automobiles, trucks & related

  • Atlas, name of several automobile & truck companies
  • Gutbrod Atlas, a former German small commercial vehicle
  • Nissan Atlas, a Japanese light truck
  • GM Atlas engine, a family of modern inline piston engines for trucks from General Motors
  • Atlas (light trucks)
  • Atlas Car and Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of small railroad locomotives


  • Meir Atlas (1848–1926), Rabbi of Shavel in Lithuania and one of the founders of the Telz Yeshiva
  • Charles Atlas (1892–1972), a famous bodybuilder
  • Tony Atlas (born 1944), a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and powerlifter
  • Teddy Atlas (born 1956), a well-known boxing trainer and fight commentator
  • Natacha Atlas (born 1964), a Belgian female singer
  • James Atlas, founding editor of the Lipper/Viking Penguin Lives Series
  • Atllas, a rapper from Phoenix, Arizona


  • Atlas Cheetah, a fighter aircraft of the South African Air Force
  • Atlas Oryx, a medium-sized utility helicopter manufactured by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa
  • Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems, a programming language used for automated test equipment
  • ATLAS (simulation), a system used to conduct military Command Post Exercises (CPX) within the Royal Thai Army
  • Armstrong Whitworth Atlas, an Army Air Cooperation aeroplane of the 1920s


  • Atlas (missile), a venerable line of space launch vehicles
  • Atlas (architecture), a support or column sculpted in the form of a man
  • Farnese Atlas, a 2nd-century Roman marble copy of a Hellenistic sculpture of the titan Atlas
  • Atlas languages, a subgroup of the Northern Berber languages spoken in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
  • Atlas Uranium Mill, a decommissioned uranium mill near Moab, Utah
  • CF Atlas, a Mexican professional football club
  • Radio Atlas, a radio station in Montenegro
  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation, an incubator for free market think tanks
  • Atlas (1863 - 1885), one of the eight South Devon Railway Dido class steam locomotives
  • The Atlas (building), a tower in Midtown New York City
  • Atlas, a book size
  • Atlas, one of the main characters in the game BioShock.

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