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Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian (TV series).jpg
Cover art from the DVD release
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(Meiken Jorī)
Genre Historical
Anime television series
Directed by Keiji Hayakawa
Studio MK Company
Visual 80
Network NHK
English network
Original run April 7, 1981 (1981-04-07)June 22, 1982 (1982-06-22)
Episodes 52 (List of episodes)

Belle and Sebastian (名犬ジョリィ, Meiken Jorī, Jolie the famous dog) is an anime adaption of the 1965 novel Belle et Sébastien by French author Cécile Aubry. The series ran on the Japanese network NHK from April 7, 1981–June 22, 1982. It consists of 52 episodes and was a co-production of MK Company, Visual 80 Productions and Toho Company, Ltd.

Toshiyuki Kashiwakura was the head writer and character designs were by Shuichi Seki. The show was broadcast on French and Japanese television in 1981, with American cable network Nickelodeon picking it up in 1984. In the United Kingdom, it aired on Children's BBC in 1989 and 1990.

This anime used many staffers from Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater franchise, thus the look and feel is similar to that of a WMT production even though Nippon Animation itself was not involved with this series.

The series has been aired in many countries outside Japan and has been dubbed and subtitled in English and numerous other languages. The English-language script was written by Eileen Opatut, and the series was dubbed into English by Synchro-Quebec in Montreal.


The series is about the mountain-based adventures of a young boy named Sebastian and his Pyrenean mountain dog, Belle, who live in a small village in Southern France. He has no friends because he is teased by the other children for not having a mother. But one day, he meets a gentle white dog who has been falsely accused of attacking people. He names her Belle and they become the best of friends. To save her from being put down, he leaves his adoptive family and flees to Spain with her and his little dog, Poochie. They have many adventures as they elude the police and search for his long-lost mother.


Sebastian is a 9-year-old boy from a French village near the mountains (Although his age is never explicitly given, there are repeated references to 'the events 9 years ago' throughout the series point to it). And his name was chosen because he was born on St Sebastian's day. Since he was born, he has been living with his adoptive grandfather, Cecil, and Anne-Marie who is Cecil's real grand daughter. He is good-natured and energetic, but the children in town tease him because he doesn't have a real mother. Sebastian's deepest desires are to find his mother and to have a good friend.
Belle ("Jolie" in the Japanese version) is a large white Great Pyrenees who escaped into the French countryside. She is gentle and warmhearted, but her attempts to help those in need are misunderstood. She is labeled "The White Monster" and the police are constantly on her tail.
Poochie is a little puppy who rides around in Sebastian's pocket. Although Poochie is always yapping and getting into mischief, he is a good friend to Sebastian and Belle.
Cecil took Sebastian in as a baby and acts as his adoptive grandfather. He is a loving mentor who teaches him all he knows about the mountains and the wilderness.
Anne-Marie is Cecil's biological granddaughter. She has helped care for Sebastian since he was born, and fancies herself as his mother despite being the age of an older sister at best. She loves him deeply, but is often overprotective and a little harsh.
Paul is Anne-Marie's older brother. He's a soldier in the mountain army.
Isabel is Sebastian's real mother, a traveling Romani. She went against the gypsy code and married an outsider, but he died before Sebastian was born. She had him secretly in the mountains, and promised to come back for him one day when her people were able to understand.
Sarah is a sick, lonely little girl living in Spain who Sebastian meets on his journey. Both long for friends their own age to play with, so they quickly become close. We find out during the series that she celebrates her 9th birthday. Her father is a very rich man who gives her everything she can possibly desire, yet the only thing that can make Sarah happy is to have a truly good friend. She reappears several times during his journey to lend a helping hand. Towards the end of the series we see Sarah celebrating her 9th birthday, meaning that she is perhaps only a month older than Sebastian himself. During the course of the series, a romantic bond forms between Sebastian and Sarah, and it is strongly implied that the two of them married when they grew up and lived happily ever after, with Belle still at their side.
Dr. Phillips is a local doctor in the village where Sebastian lives, he's also Anne-Marie's boyfriend.
Mr. Albert is Sarah's father, a rich man, well respected in the community, and doesn't like dogs. He slowly becomes fond of Belle and Poochie after they help Sarah to get well with her sickness. His love for his daughter ensures his willingness to aid the fugitives, if only for her sake. We later discover he is in fact a long term fan and admirer of Isabel, admitting to her that he was the man who sent her red roses in Barcelona. It is implied that a romantic attachment meant is growing between the couple and that their respective children approve!
Robert and Maria are servants at the home of Mr. Albert. Robert is the butler and sometimes chauffeur, while Maria is the housekeeper. They appear to be fond of each other but refuse to admit it, not even to themselves.
The Carlos Company is a band of gypsies whom Sebastian's mother, Isabel, is traveling with. Isabel is in fact their star performer because of her beauty and wonderful singing voice. She also makes and repairs the company's costumes. A skill she uses to good effect when she makes Anne-Marie a wedding dress.
Hernandez and Fernandez are a reoccurring duo of crooks that are trying to capture Belle for a quick rise to fame, fortune, and popularity.
Oscar is a traveling performer that uses his feats of strength by breaking chains wrapped around his body. Johnny is Oscar's son and also is a performer, but not in strength. His ability is that of balance and agility. They used to be members of the Carlos company and Oscar still holds a candle for Isabel in his heart. And a photo of her in his trunk which he shows to Sebastian. He refuses to give it at first as it is a prized possession.
Inspector Garcia is an officer of the Spanish Police and is always hot on the trail of Belle and Sebastian. He is heavy-set and has a thin mustache.
Officer Martin is the Inspector's assistant and a very clumsy man.
Costello is the head of the Spanish Border Guards and has a strong resemblance to Fidel Castro.


# Episode Name Original air date
1 "Belle Meets Sebastian"
"走れ! ピレネーに向かって"
April 1, 1981 (1981-04-01)
2 "The Hunt for Belle"
3 "A Night in the Mountains"
"Iwayama no ichiya"
4 "The Journey Begins"
"Unmei no dai chōyaku"
5 "Escaping Smugglers"
"Mitsuyu koya karano dasshutsu"
6 "A Visit to Jail"
"Kiki sukū chīsa na te"
7 "Meeting Sarah"
"Inu kirai no keiji"
8 "A Promise to Sarah"
"Yūhi no ōtaki kudari"
9 "Farewell to Sarah"
"Sayonara no okurimono"
10 "The Case of the Missing Sheep"
"Bokujō no dorobō taiji"
11 "Puppy Love"
"Kuzure kojō no bōken"
12 "Operation Substitute"
"Kae tama daisakusen"
13 "The Runaway Car"
"Hoshizora no Shanderiya"
14 "An Act of Bravery"
"Yūki aru sōsaku"
15 "Billy the Kid Bank Robber"
"Ginkō gyangu no yūjō"
16 "The Old Man By the Sea"
"Ojī-san no umi"
17 "Phantoms on a Ship"
"Rokuni atta yūreisen"
18 "Smuggled on Board"
"Nigedase hatsu kōkai"
19 "The Secret of the Castle Ghost"
"Yūrei no sumu kojō"
20 "The Ghost's Revenge"
"Yūrei no gyakushū"
21 "Kidnapped"
"Nin sarai no wana"
22 "Chased by the Desperados"
"Kesshi no hijōsen toppa"
23 "Mistaken Identities"
"Mei hanji notakurami"
24 "Double Crossed"
"Mama wo shitteru tejinashi"
25 "Meeting at the Mountain"
"Hashire! mama no motoni"
26 "Isabel's Scarf"
"Sukāfu ni takushita saikai"
27 "Three Sisters"
"Honō no nakano ma inu"
28 "Building a New Home"
"Chīsa na oyakata dai katsuyaku"
29 "Belle and Sebastian are Separated"
"Ūnmei no tansen ressha"
30 "It's a Boy!"
"Kusari no mama no tōbō"
31 "Reunited at Last"
"Dakuryū wo koete"
32 "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
"Mama no shashin"
33 "Sebastian Loses His Best Friend"
"Uragitta Jorī"
34 "Come Back to Me!"
"Modore boku no teni"
35 "One Mistake After Another"
"Oni keibu to bijin hikōshi"
36 "Poisoned!"
"Mōdoku gahisomuhora ana"
37 "The Big Sleep"
"Tobe! kibō no sora he"
38 "Mom Didn't Forget Me"
"Mama ha, yappari suteki dana"
39 "Don't Drink the Water"
"Shieranebada no warui mizu"
40 "Belle is Captured"
"Bōreadōra no kyōfu"
41 "Help! Save Belle"
"Jorī dakkaisakusen"
42 "Make New Friends and Keep the Old"
"Yomigaetta yūjō"
43 "On a Train Bound for Battle"
"Pirēne chōtokkyū"
44 "The Underground Railroad"
"Okashina dai ressha sakusen"
45 "A Kind Inspector Garcia"
"Tanjō pātī de dasshutsu sakusen"
46 "Climbing a Wall of Stone"
"Pirēne ōiwa kabe"
47 "A Storm Brews"
"Dai arashi no mae bure"
48 "A Snowy Reunion"
"Arashi no naka no saika"
49 "The Devil's Corridor"
"Akuma no kairō no dai nadare"
50 "Belle Risks Her Life"
"Utagai hare te"
51 "Mom Makes Up Her Mind"
"Mama no kesshin"
52 "A Happy Ending"
"Pirēne no aoi sora"
June 22, 1982 (1982-06-22)

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