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For the constant pertaining to energy of black body radiation see Stefan–Boltzmann constant
Values of k Units
1.380649×10−23 JK−1
8.617333262×10−5 eV K−1
1.380649×10−16 erg K−1

The Boltzmann constant (k or kB) is a physical constant. It is defined to be 1.380649×10−23 J/K. It relates the average kinetic energy of a particle in a gas with the temperature of the gas. It is the gas constant R divided by the Avogadro constant NA:

k = \frac{R}{N_{\rm A}}\,

The Boltzmann constant has SI units of J⋅K−1 (also written J/K), the same as entropy. It is named after the Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann.

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