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Native to France
Region Brittany
Native speakers 206,000  (2007)
Language family
Writing system Latin script
Linguist List xbm Middle Breton
  obt Old Breton
Linguasphere 50-ABB-b (varieties: 50-ABB-ba to -be)
Road signs bilingual Breton in Quimper
Road sign in two languages (in Kemper/Quimper)

Breton (Brezhoneg, in Breton) is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany, in the north-west of France. Breton is closely related to the Cornish language of Cornwall spoken in south-west Great Britain. It is less closely related to Welsh, and the Goidelic languages of Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. The Breton language has about 240,000 speakers,111 but this number is falling very quickly due to the French government's policy of using French. As such, Breton is considered to be an endangered language.

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