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California Historical Landmarks in Santa Barbara County, California facts for kids

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List table of the properties and districts — listed on the California Historical Landmarks — within Santa Barbara County, California.

  • Note: Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.


Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
306 Burton Mound 129 W. Mason St. at Burton Circle
34°24′40″N 119°41′32″W / 34.410983°N 119.6921°W / 34.410983; -119.6921 (Burton Mound)
Santa Barbara
535 Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow Carpinteria Valley Museum of History, 950 Maple Ave
34°23′33″N 119°30′39″W / 34.39255°N 119.510917°W / 34.39255; -119.510917 (Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow)
Carrillo Adobe
721 Carrillo Adobe 11 E Carrillo St.
34°25′19″N 119°42′06″W / 34.421944°N 119.701736°W / 34.421944; -119.701736 (Carrillo Adobe)
Santa Barbara Also on the NHRP list as NPS-86000778
Casa de la Guerra
307 Casa de la Guerra 808-818 State St., 813-819 Anacapa St., and 9-25 E. de la Guerra St.
34°25′13″N 119°41′57″W / 34.420278°N 119.699167°W / 34.420278; -119.699167 (Casa de la Guerra)
Santa Barbara Also on the NHRP list as NPS-77000346
Chapel of San Ramon
877 Chapel of San Ramon Tepusquet and Foxen Canyon Rds.
34°50′52″N 120°14′27″W / 34.847833°N 120.240917°W / 34.847833; -120.240917 (Chapel of San Ramon)
Santa Maria
Covarrubias Adobe
308 Covarrubias Adobe 715 N Santa Barbara St.
34°25′16″N 119°41′48″W / 34.421045°N 119.696726°W / 34.421045; -119.696726 (Covarrubias Adobe)
Santa Barbara
Gaviota Pass
248 Gaviota Pass U.S. Route 101
34°29′07″N 120°13′43″W / 34.485333°N 120.228533°W / 34.485333; -120.228533 (Gaviota Pass)
559 Hastings Adobe 412 W Montecito St.
Santa Barbara
Mission La Purisima Concepción
340 Mission La Purisima Concepción La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
34°40′14″N 120°25′15″W / 34.670683°N 120.420883°W / 34.670683; -120.420883 (Mission La Purisima Concepción)
Lompoc Also on the NHRP list as NPS-70000147
Lobero Theatre
361 Lobero Theatre 33 E Canon Perdido St.
34°25′18″N 119°42′00″W / 34.4216°N 119.6999°W / 34.4216; -119.6999 (Lobero Theatre)
Santa Barbara
Mission Santa Barbara
309 Mission Santa Barbara 2201 Laguna St.
34°26′18″N 119°42′50″W / 34.438333°N 119.713917°W / 34.438333; -119.713917 (Mission Santa Barbara)
Santa Barbara Also on the NHRP list as NPS-66000237
Mission Santa Inés
305 Mission Santa Inés 1760 Mission Dr.
34°35′40″N 120°08′12″W / 34.594489°N 120.136603°W / 34.594489; -120.136603 (Mission Santa Inés)
Presidio of Santa Barbara
636 Presidio of Santa Barbara El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park
34°25′21″N 119°41′50″W / 34.422567°N 119.6971°W / 34.422567; -119.6971 (Presidio of Santa Barbara)
Santa Barbara Also on the NHRP list as NPS-73000455
Santa Barbara County Courthouse
1037 Santa Barbara County Courthouse 1100 Anacapa St.
34°25′28″N 119°42′09″W / 34.42435°N 119.702461°W / 34.42435; -119.702461 (Santa Barbara County Courthouse)
Santa Barbara Also on the NHRP list as NPS-81000177
928 Site of original mission and remaining ruins of Mission La Purisima 5085 'T' St.
Lompoc This address no longer exists
582 Well, Hill 4 Unocal Corporation, Mission Hills District
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