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California Historical Landmarks in Shasta County, California facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Shasta County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
148 Bass Hill Castle Crags State Park
Central Valley
116 Battle Rock Castle Crags State Park
519 Bell's Bridge Hwy 99 & Clear Creek Rd.
78 Clear Creek Old Hwy 99 and Canyon Rd.
40°35′32″N 122°28′40″W / 40.592222°N 122.477778°W / 40.592222; -122.477778 (Clear Creek)
120 Dersch Homestead Dersch Rd. at Bear Creek
40°29′10″N 122°09′03″W / 40.486217°N 122.150867°W / 40.486217; -122.150867 (Dersch Homestead)
Fort Crook
355 Fort Crook McArthur Rd. & Soldier Mountain Dr.
41°05′19″N 121°30′52″W / 41.088633°N 121.51435°W / 41.088633; -121.51435 (Fort Crook)
379 Fort Reading Deschutes and Dersch Rds.
40°28′35″N 122°13′49″W / 40.47645°N 122.230367°W / 40.47645; -122.230367 (Fort Reading)
483 Foundation of Catholic Basilica Red Bluff Rd and Crocker Alley
40°35′34″N 122°29′19″W / 40.592683°N 122.488733°W / 40.592683; -122.488733 (Foundation of Catholic Basilica)
166 French Gulch Historic district
40°41′58″N 122°38′19″W / 40.699483°N 122.638733°W / 40.699483; -122.638733 (French Gulch)
French Gulch
Lockhart Ferry
555 Lockhart Ferry State Hwy 299
41°00′09″N 121°26′38″W / 41.0024°N 121.4438°W / 41.0024; -121.4438 (Lockhart Ferry)
Fall River Mills
11 Noble Pass Route Lassen Volcanic National Park
58 Old California-Oregon Road NW corner of Hwy 99 and Spring Gulch Rd.
77 Old town of Shasta Shasta State Historic Park
40°35′56″N 122°29′32″W / 40.599°N 122.49225°W / 40.599; -122.49225 (Old town of Shasta)
Shasta Also on the NHRP list as NPS-71000199
377 Pioneer baby's grave State Hwy 299
40°36′14″N 122°29′58″W / 40.603983°N 122.499417°W / 40.603983; -122.499417 (Pioneer baby's grave)
10 Reading Adobe Reading Island Park, 213 Adobe Rd.
40°22′17″N 122°17′01″W / 40.371283°N 122.283717°W / 40.371283; -122.283717 (Reading Adobe)
32 Reading's Bar Clear Creek Bridge
40°29′41″N 122°29′50″W / 40.49465°N 122.49725°W / 40.49465; -122.49725 (Reading's Bar)
Site of first school in Fall River Valley
759 Site of first school in Fall River Valley State Hwy 299
41°04′15″N 121°20′15″W / 41.070967°N 121.337483°W / 41.070967; -121.337483 (Site of first school in Fall River Valley)
33 Southern Hotel & Stage Station On old Hwy 99, 0.7 mi SW of Sims exit
131 Whiskeytown Whiskey Creek Rd. & State Hwy 299
40°38′05″N 122°33′40″W / 40.6348°N 122.561°W / 40.6348; -122.561 (Whiskeytown)
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