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California Historical Landmarks in Ventura County facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Ventura County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village
939 Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village 4595 Cochran St.
34°16′44″N 118°42′14″W / 34.278889°N 118.703889°W / 34.278889; -118.703889 (Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village)
Simi Valley
Hill of the Cross
113 Hill of the Cross Grant Park
34°17′05″N 119°17′46″W / 34.284821°N 119.296039°W / 34.284821; -119.296039 (Hill of the Cross)
Mission San Buenaventura
310 Mission San Buenaventura 211 E. Main St.
34°16′52″N 119°17′52″W / 34.281116°N 119.297786°W / 34.281116; -119.297786 (Mission San Buenaventura)
Ventura Also on the NRHP list as NPS-75000496
Old Mission Reservoir
114 Old Mission Reservoir Eastwood Park
34°16′54″N 119°17′59″W / 34.281532°N 119.299613°W / 34.281532; -119.299613 (Old Mission Reservoir)
Ventura Also on the NRHP list as NPS-75000496
Olivas Adobe
115 Olivas Adobe 4200 Olivas Park
34°14′40″N 119°14′28″W / 34.244444°N 119.241111°W / 34.244444; -119.241111 (Olivas Adobe)
Ventura Also on the NRHP list as NPS-79000570
Portolà Expedition
727 Portolà Expedition Santa Paula Boys Club Rec Center
34°21′21″N 119°03′03″W / 34.35585°N 119.050867°W / 34.35585; -119.050867 (Portolà Expedition)
Santa Paula On August 11, 1769, the Portolá Expedition arrived at the junction of the Arroyo Mupu and Santa Paula Creek, at a place they named the Holy Martyrs Ipolito and Cassiano. The priests of the Mission San Buenaventura here established the Asistencia Santa Paula, where they held services for the Mupu Indians.
Rancho Camulos
553 Rancho Camulos 5164 East Telegraph Rd.
34°24′20″N 118°45′24″W / 34.40565°N 118.756667°W / 34.40565; -118.756667 (Rancho Camulos)
Piru Also on the NRHP list as NPS-96001137
Rancho Simi
979 Rancho Simi 137 Strathearn Place
34°16′28″N 118°48′04″W / 34.274476°N 118.801036°W / 34.274476; -118.801036 (Rancho Simi)
Simi Valley
San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct
114-1 San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct 234 Cañada Larga Rd.
34°20′32″N 119°17′27″W / 34.342091°N 119.290809°W / 34.342091; -119.290809 (San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct)
Ventura Also on the NRHP list as NPS-75000497
Stagecoach Inn
659 Stagecoach Inn 51 Ventu Park Rd.
34°10′41″N 118°54′41″W / 34.178056°N 118.911389°W / 34.178056; -118.911389 (Stagecoach Inn)
Newbury Park Also on the NRHP list as NPS-75000495
Sycamore Tree
756 Sycamore Tree State Hwy 126 at Hall Rd.
34°22′44″N 118°59′23″W / 34.378933°N 118.98985°W / 34.378933; -118.98985 (Sycamore Tree)
Santa Paula Between Santa Paula and Fillmore
Union Oil Company Building
996 Union Oil Company Building 1003 E. Main St.
34°21′15″N 119°03′32″W / 34.354167°N 119.058889°W / 34.354167; -119.058889 (Union Oil Company Building)
Santa Paula Also on the NRHP list as NPS-86002619
Ventura County Courthouse
847 Ventura County Courthouse 501 Poli St.
34°16′57″N 119°17′32″W / 34.2825°N 119.292222°W / 34.2825; -119.292222 (Ventura County Courthouse)
Ventura Also on the NRHP list as NPS-71000211
Warring Park
624 Warring Park 700 block of Orchard St.
34°25′01″N 118°47′29″W / 34.417083°N 118.791383°W / 34.417083; -118.791383 (Warring Park)
Piru Portolá found Piru Indians tribe at site
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