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King of Wessex
Reign c. 597–611
Predecessor Ceol
Successor Cynegils of Wessex
Died c. 611
House House of Wessex

Ceolwulf ( c. 611) was the King of the Gewisse, also called the King of Wessex. He ruled from c. 597 to 611.

King in Wessex

Ceawlin map
Map of the Gewisse (later Wessex) territory early 600s.

Ceolwulf was the grandson of Cynric. He succeeded his brother Ceol. The first mention of him as king in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was in 597. He "continuously fought with success against the Angelcyn and Britons; Picts and Scots." During this time the West Saxons controlled Berkshire and Wiltshire. They also occupied parts of Somerset and Hampshire. Historians question whether he could have attacked the Picts and Scots. The Gewisse (West Saxons) were not known to range that far north into Scotland. The Picts may have reached as far south as Chester. But there is no record of Ceolwulf fighting in Chester. The chronicle records he fought the South Saxons in 607. The Jutes in the South of England would have acknowledged him as their overlord. He would have been fighting against Pybba of Mercia. Ceolwulf died in 611. He was succeeded by Cynegils


Ceolwulf had a son:

  • Cynegils, an who probably did not reign.
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