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A chapel is a private church or area of worship.

Chapel may also refer to:

Building and associated body of clergy and/or musicians

Chapel buildings

  • Castle chapel, chapel built within a castle (Europe)
  • Chapel of ease, church building other than the parish church, built within the bounds of a parish for the attendance of those who cannot reach the parish church conveniently
  • Lady chapel, chapel inside a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Proprietary chapel, belonging to a private person
  • Wedding chapel, place, other than a legal court, and usually also, other than a church, where couples can legally marry

Clergy and/or musicians

  • Capela Real, royal chapel and musical establishment of the kings of Portugal in Lisbon
  • Chapel (music), a group of musicians
  • Chapel Royal, ecclesiastical body appointed to serve the spiritual needs of the reigning sovereign
  • Chapelle royale, musical establishment attached to the royal chapel of the French kings
  • Kapellmeister (chapel master), person in charge of music-making
  • Capilla Flamenca, Belgium
  • Chapel Royal of Naples, Spanish court in Naples, Italy
  • Flemish chapel (capilla flamenca), Spanish court
  • Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Belgium

As a geographical placename

In industry

  • Chapel (programming language), a parallel programming language developed by Cray Inc.
  • Chapelle d'Ausone, a wine by Château Ausone winery, France
  • Father of the Chapel, a printers' workshop, a printing-office, a meeting or association of the journeymen in a printing-office
  • Local union, a locally based trade union organisation which forms part of a larger, usually national, union

In fiction

  • Chapel (comics), a fictional character in the Image Comics universe
  • Christine Chapel, fictional character in the Star Trek universe
  • Mr. Chapel, fictional character from the Vengeance Unlimited TV series

Songs and compositions

  • "Chapel of Love", 1964 single by The Dixie Cups
  • "William Tell's Chapel", No. 1 of Années de pèlerinage#Première année: Suisse by Franz Liszt

As surname

  • Charles Edward Chapel, author of firearm and technical articles and books

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