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Western sight of Cheung Chau
The village of Cheung Chau, viewed from the north. The bay of Tung Wan is on the left and Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter is on the right.

Cheung Chau is an island of Hong Kong. It is a famous scenic spot of Hong Kong. Each year, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival is held there.

Cheung Chau is located between Lamma Island and Lantau Island.


Cheung Chau Ferry Pier with Ferry
A First Ferry ferry at Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, within Cheung Chau typhoon shelter.
Medievac from Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong
Medical evacuation by helicopter from Cheung Chau's helipad

Geographically the island is formed from two mostly granite masses joined by a tombolo. With an area of 2.45 square kilometres (0.95 square miles), the island is therefore "long", hence the name as translated from Cantonese is "Long Island". Thus, it is redundant to say "Cheung Chau Island". The island is dumbbell-shaped, with hills at the northern and southern ends and the settlements concentrated in between.


The central part of the island is well developed with shops and houses. The lane-ways are so narrow that normal motor traffic is impossible. Instead, there are small motorised trucks officially termed "village vehicles". For example, there are small specially designed mini-fire engines, ambulances and police cars. Residential areas also exist on the hills of the north and south.

Traditionally the island was a fishing village and there are still fishing fleets working from the harbour. However, in recent years the island has become a major tourist attraction, offering a mixture of sandy swimming beaches, seafood cafés, and traditional Chinese culture.


HK Cheung Chau Pak Tei Temple n Stairs 1
Pak Tai Temple
Cheung Chau Rock Carving 1
Rock Carving on Cheung Chau.


Temples on Cheung Chau include:

  • Pak Tai Temple – one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. The temple was built in 1783. It was demolished and completely rebuilt in 1989. In front of the temple, there are 4 pairs of guarding lions. Before the altar are statues of two generals, "Thousand Miles Eye" (千里眼) and "Favourable Wind Ear" (順風耳), who together are traditionally said to be able to hear and see everything
  • Four temples dedicated to Tin Hau
  • Hung Shing Temple. Built in 1993, it is managed by the Chinese Temples Committee.
  • Kwan Kung Chung Yi Ting, a traditional temple built in 1973, dedicated to the god of justice Kwan Tai
  • Kwun Yam Temple (觀音廟) aka. Shui Yuet Temple (水月宮) aka. Chi Kung (子宮), near Kwun Yam Wan beach. Built before 1840, and dedicated to Guanyin (Kwun Yam), it gave its name to the nearby bay Kwun Yam Wan.


  • Tung Wan and Kwun Yam Wan beaches
  • Rock carvings located near Tung Wan Beach were reported by geologists in 1970, and are declared monuments of Hong Kong. This 3000-year-old rock carving is located on the east of the island, immediately below the Warwick Hotel. It consists of two groups of similar carved lines surrounding small depressions.
  • A cave, alleged to be the hiding place of Cheung Po Tsai, a 19th-century pirate
  • Cheung Chau Mini Great Wall, a hiking trail



Temporary altar built during the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.
Bun Scrambling Competition 2010
Bun Scrambling Competition 2010
Date (Chinese Lunar Calendar) Festival
1st day of 1st month Lunar New Year
15th day of 1st month Lantern Festival
3rd day of 3rd month Yuen Mo's Birthday
18th day of 3rd month Birthday of Tin Hau
8th day of 4th month Bun Festival
5th day of 5th month Tuen Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)
24th day of 6th month Birthday of Kwan Tai
15th day of 8th month Mid-Autumn Festival

Bun Festival

The annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival is a festival which includes a parade of floats, most famously including young children dressed as famous characters doing impossible balancing acts. It last three to four days and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the island.

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