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Johan amos comenius 1592-1671
Via Lucis
Via Lucis, 1668

Comenius (28 March 1592 – 15 November 1670) was a 17th-century Czech bishop, and an innovator in education. His name is spelt differently in almost every language. In English it is John Amos Comenius, but he is usually called just 'Comenius'.

Comenius is famous for arguing for universal literacy, and inventing the idea of a modern textbook which used pictures as well as prose to get its message across. Comenius also tried to design a language in which false statements could not be written.

Some books by Comenius

There are about 16 works, with many translations and versions.

  • 1633–1638. Didactica magna ("The Great Didactic").
  • 1642. A reformation of schools, designed in two excellent treatises. This is an English excerpt from the above. It explains his ideas for reform.
  • 1658. Orbis sensualium pictus: quadrilingus. It is something like an illustrated dictionary, in two languages, Latin, and German
    1659. English edition.
    1685 in four languages: Latin, Czech, German and Hungarian (Magyar).
    Orbis Pictus had a long-lasting influence on children's education. It was a precursor of both audio-visual techniques and the lexical approach in language learning. There is a Kindle version in English.

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