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CrossStChapel Manchester frontDoor
The modern Cross Street Chapel

Cross Street Chapel is a Unitarian church in central Manchester, England. It is a member of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, the umbrella organisation for British Unitarians. Its present minister is Cody Coyne.


Cross Street Chapel Manchester (1835)
Cross Street Chapel c.1835

The Act of Uniformity 1662 imposed state control on religion by regulating the style of worship in the Church of England. However, many clergy rejected the restrictions, and of the 2000 ministers who were ejected from the established church, Henry Newcome established his own congregation that same year. The "Dissenters' Meeting House" was opened in 1694 and holds a special place in the growth of nonconformism within the city.

In 2012, the chapel became the first place of worship to be granted a civil partnership licence when the law changed in England. During the construction of Manchester Metrolink's second city crossing in the City Zone, 270 bodies from what used to be the chapel's graveyard had to be exhumed and reburied. The work took place from 2014–17.

The Chapel

The building was renamed the Cross Street Chapel and became a Unitarian meeting-house c.1761. It was wrecked by a Jacobite mob in 1715, rebuilt and destroyed during a World War II air raid in December 1940. A new building was constructed in 1959 and the present structure dates from 1997. The Gaskell Room of the new building houses a collection of memorabilia of novelist Elizabeth Gaskell.

Notable ministry and congregation

Urban historian Harold L. Platt notes that in the Victorian period "The importance of membership in this Unitarian congregation cannot be overstated: as the fountainhead of Manchester Liberalism it exerted tremendous influence on the city and the nation for a generation."

CrossStChapel Manchester interior
Cross Street Chapel interior
  • Sir Thomas Baker
  • William Fairbairn
  • Elizabeth Gaskell
  • William Gaskell
  • James Heywood
  • Eaton Hodgkinson
  • James Kay-Shuttleworth, 1st Baronet
  • Henry Newcome
  • Thomas Potter
  • John Henry Reynolds
  • Thomas Worthington

List of ministers

  • Henry Newcome 1662–1695
  • John Chorlton 1687–1707
  • James Coningham 1700–1712
  • Eliezer Birch 1710–1717
  • Joseph Mottershead 1717–1771
  • Joshua Jones 1725–1740
  • John Seddon 1741–1769
  • Robert Gore 1770–1779
  • Ralph Harrison 1771–1810
  • Thomas Barnes 1780–1810
  • John Grundy 1811–1824
  • John Gooch Robberds 1811–1854
  • John Hugh Worthington 1825–1827
  • William Gaskell 1828–1884
  • James Panton Ham 1855–1859
  • James Drummond 1860–1869
  • Samuel Alfred Steinthall 1870–1893
  • Edwin Pinder Barrow 1893–1911
  • Emanuel L.H. Thomas 1912–1917
  • H. Harrold Johnson 1919–1928
  • Charles W. Townsend 1929–1942
  • F.H. Amphlett Micklewright 1943–1949
  • Fred Kenworthy 1950–1955
  • Reginald W. Wilde 1955–1959
  • Charles H. Bartlett 1960–1967
  • Kenneth B. Ridgway 1969–1971
  • E.J. Raymond Cook 1972–1987
  • Denise Boyd 1988–1996
  • John A. Midgley 1997–2008
  • Jane Barraclough 2008–2014
  • Cody Coyne 2014–present
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