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Division could mean:


  • Division (mathematics), a binary operation that serves as the inverse of multiplication
    • Division (electronics), digital implementation of mathematical division
  • Division (vote), a manner by which the votes of legislators are recorded
  • Division (horticulture), a method of vegetative plant propagation, or the plants created by using this method
  • Division (music) a specific type of ornamentation, most common in 17th century English music
  • Cell division, the process in which biological cells multiply
  • Continental divide, the geographical term for separation between watersheds
  • North-South divide, the geopolitical term for the division between rich nations and poor nations
  • Segmentation

Units/ Entities:

  • Division (organisation), a subsidiary of a larger organisation
    • Division (business), a separate named business operated as a part of an organization
    • Division (military), a unit typically consisting of from 10,000 to 20,000 troops
    • Police division, a large unit (often a Basic Command Unit) of the British police
  • Division (sport), a group of teams in sport
  • Division (botany), a classification of plants (the botanical counterpart to zoology's phylum)
  • Administrative division, part of a country
  • A county constituency or Parliamentary seat in the UK Parliament
  • A subpart of a hundred (division), former administrative unit in England and Wales
  • Census division


  • A grouping of pipe ranks in a pipe organ, often with its own case, windchest, and keyboard
  • Divisions, a type of variation form used in the baroque.
  • Division viol, an English Renaissance instrument


  • In nautical navigation the compass is called dividers
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