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The Franks are medieval Germanic tribes.

Franks may also refer to:

  • Crusaders, or more broadly any persons originating in Catholic western Europe (medieval Middle Eastern history). See Farangi, firang, farang and barang for derived words.
  • Frankfurter sausages, the filling for hot dogs
  • USS Franks (DD-554), a United States Navy warship
  • Franc, a unit of currency (Frank in Dutch, German, and English)

Franks is a surname:

  • Augustus Wollaston Franks
  • Bob Franks
  • Bobby Franks
  • Bubba Franks
  • Carl Franks
  • Cecil Franks
  • Charles Franks
  • David Franks
  • Dick Franks
  • Fred Franks
  • Herman Franks
  • Lynne Franks
  • Michael Franks
  • Oliver Shewell Franks
  • Paul Franks
  • Randall Franks
  • Stephen Franks
  • Tanya Franks
  • Trent Franks
  • Tillman Franks
  • Tommy Franks
  • Wilbur R. Franks
  • William Sadler Franks

Franks may also be an alternative spelling or mistranslation of:

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