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The word hemlock may refer to:


  • Several poisonous plants in the Apiaceae family
    • Conium
      • Conium maculatum, or poison hemlock
    • Cicuta (water hemlock)
    • Oenanthe crocata (water dropwort)
  • Tsuga, a genus of coniferous trees which resemble the poisonous plant, but are unrelated.


United States

Bodies of water

  • Hemlock Creek, in Pennsylvania
  • Hemlock Falls, in Georgia
  • Hemlock Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in New York
  • Hemlock Lake, Marcellus, MI
  • Hemlock Brook, in Massachusetts

Other uses

  • Hemlock (editor), a variant of the Emacs text editor for Unix
  • Hemlock (Evergreen series / Radeon HD 5970), a graphics card code-name
  • Hemlock (band), a heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, a producer of polysilicon in the United States
  • Babe and Carla Hemlock, Mohawk visual artists
  • Sherlock Hemlock, the name of a Muppet detective
  • Compassion & Choices, formerly known as the Hemlock Society, a group advocating aid in dying for qualifying terminally ill patients in the United States
  • Hemlock Recordings, an London-based Electronic Record Label run by Untold (musician)
  • Hemlock Grove, a television show

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