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Pacific rockweed, Olympic National Park, USA.jpg
Pacific rockweed, Fucus distichus, in Olympic National Park
Scientific classification
Typical classes
  • Colored groups (alga-like)
  • Colorless groups (fungus-like)
    • Bicosoecea
    • Hyphochytridiomycetes
    • Labyrinthulomycetes (slime nets)
    • Oomycetes (water moulds)
    • Opalinea
    • Proteromonadea
    • Blastocystis

The heterokonts or stramenopiles are a major line of eukaryotes with more than 100,000 known species, most of them diatoms.

Heterokonts are mostly algae. In one stage of their life cycle they have two unequal flagella. They include both single-celled types and brown algae (seaweeds such as kelp and Sargassum). They are members of the Kingdom Chromalveolata.

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